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Snacktaku Eats Burger King's Cheetos Chicken Fries

After setting the snack mash-up world on fire with Mac N’ Cheetos and bathrooms everywhere alight with the Whopperrito, Burger King follows it all up with the tamest combo yet, orange chicken fries. They are chicken fries. They are orange.

Snacktaku Unwraps Burger King's Whopperrito

After six decades of serving time-tested favourites that folks seem to enjoy and occasionally screwing about with new french fries, Burger King has decided it’s time to experiment with Tex-Mex for some godawful reason. So they put most of a Whopper in a soft tortilla. Sure.

Burger King Thinks Mac N' Cheetos Is Something You Might Eat

Burger King is out of control and doesn’t care who it hurts.

Burger King Perfume Coming To Japan. Apparently. 

And it seems the fragrance, which is dubbed “Flame-Grilled”, will be released only in Japan. On April 1. Hang on a second… But wait, this is supposedly an actual product.

Burger King Has A 'Black Ninja' Burger In Japan. No, Really.

Dark outfits. Throwing stars. Burgers? When you think of ninja, you probably think of their lore. You don’t think of Burger King. You might now.

Behold A Hamburger Stacked With A Thousand Pieces Of Bacon

Burger King Japan is going bonkers with bacon. For a mere ¥100 (US$1.24), you can, as sister site Gawker pointed out, add 15 slices of bacon to your Whopper. But why stop at 15?

The Most Terrifying Horror Game Of This Generation, Brought To You By Burger King

Silent Hill? Resident Evil? Siren? I used to fear these things, but in 2006 the US Burger King and Blitz Games rendered their scares impotent with the release of Sneak King, a stealth action advergame featuring the creepiest corporate mascot to ever hide in your wife’s closet.

Burger King Generous On Food, Xbox Japan Cheap On Kinects

For those who bought Whopper meals, Burger King and Microsoft gave away a Kinect every 15 minutes in America until the motion sensor launched late last month. That’s over 1500 Kinects! In Japan, 20 Kinects will be given out.

Burger King Playing With Fake Animals On Kinect

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Burger King’s triumphant return to the Xbox 360 doesn’t look to be anywhere near as cool as it was last time around.

Burger King Returns To The 360, This Time For Kinect

Burker King’s cheap 360 games a few years back were a surprise success. Now that Kinect is due in stores for the holiday season, the food giant wants to take a second bite of the Xbox market.

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