Burger King Releases A Chocolate Whopper In Taiwan

Burger King Releases A Chocolate Whopper In Taiwan
Image: Burger King Taiwan

Back in 2018, Burger King announced a chocolate Whopper. That was an April Fool’s prank. Now, in 2020, that joke has become a reality.

The original gag was more dessert than a burger, featuring a chocolate cake bun, a chocolate patty, raspberry sauce, white chocolate rings, and candied oranges. This, however, is a real burger. Called the Hershey’s Chocolate Whopper, this is a proper Whopper that has been slathered with chocolate sauce.

Reportedly, the bittersweet notes in the chocolate help pull out the meat’s umami. (Also, the burger apparently also has a peanut sauce.) Below is what the actual burger looks like:

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I’d eat it!

The Hershey’s Chocolate Whopper went on sale at the Burger King in Tainan City as part of a special promotion. As reported on My Game News Flash, when the limited burger went on sale the morning of September 1, there was a 100-metre line. A total of 506 burgers were sold as part of the one-day offer.

This is hardly the first chocolate sauce fast-food burger. As Kotaku previously reported, Lotteria released a chocolate-sauce, honey-mustard burger back in 2014.


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