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Slain Looks Like Heavy Metal Castlevania

Sometimes we play games because we want stories, or otherworldly out-of-body experiences, or to drive a Euro Truck. Other times, we just want to kill some shit. Slain happily obliges.

Neca Figures Really Capture Contra's Good Side

Figure maker Neca has been doing great things with their video game appearance line over the past couple of years. Lance and Bill from Contra might be the best yet. It’s all about those bullets.

Fan Makes Cool Paper Versions Of Classic Game Scenes

The very first stage of the original NES Castlevania, the spooky Ghost House from Super Mario World, our first battle with Bowser in Super Mario Bros. Scenes we probably all remember from the NES days and encountered one way or another. Mark Green has now resurrected them with brilliant dioramas.

Army Of Darkness As An NES Metroidvania Game

Video: The setting and the story of the third Evil Dead movie would have been perfect for a Metroidvania game. Something similar to the first Castlevania. We never had one, so CineFix imagined how it’d look.

That's One Pissed-Off Simon Belmont

Dayshot: Wouldn’t want to be on the other end of that Vampire Killer. Even if it’s solid stone and doesn’t move.

Konami's New Initiative: Erotic Castlevania Pachinko

Once upon a time, there was a company called Konami that would release all sorts of delightful video games in all kinds of genres under big, beloved franchises with names like Suikoden, Contra, Gradius, Silent Hill, Castlevania, Metal Gear, and Zone of the Enders.

Castlevania Successor Makes Over $1 Million In A Single Day

Koji Igarashi’s hustle to make a new Castlevania-style game has paid off: his spiritual successor to a series Konami keeps screwing up — because Konami is Konami — has in less than 24 hours made over $US1 million on Kickstarter.

The Successor To Castlevania Finally Revealed

Koji Igarashi is best known for work on countless Castlevania games. He’s left Konami and is now ready to work on a new one. It’s not called Castlevania. It’s not for Konami. But it might just be what fans have been eagerly awaiting.

SNES Turned Into Dracula's Tomb From Castlevania

Thanks to its smooth design, modding the PAL version of the Super Nintendo seems like a fun thing to do. There’s a lot of room for redecoration. Belgian artist Vadu Amka transformed one of these into a Castlevania-themed crypt of Dracula.

She Hears A Nintendo Theme Once, Then Makes Beautiful Music

Sonya Belousova is one of today’s most accomplished young composers and pianists. Watch her demonstrate her skill by listening to a series of Nintendo themes — most for the first time ever — and then coming up with gorgeous arrangements on the spot.

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