SNES Turned Into Dracula's Tomb From Castlevania

Thanks to its smooth design, modding the PAL version of the Super Nintendo seems like a fun thing to do. There’s a lot of room for redecoration. Belgian artist Vadu Amka transformed one of these into a Castlevania-themed crypt of Dracula.

She Hears A Nintendo Theme Once, Then Makes Beautiful Music

Sonya Belousova is one of today’s most accomplished young composers and pianists. Watch her demonstrate her skill by listening to a series of Nintendo themes — most for the first time ever — and then coming up with gorgeous arrangements on the spot.

The Best 3D Castlevania Is This Custom-Made Board Game

A massive game board inspired by the original NES classic, 11 characters with upgrade-able weapons and abilities, battle dice, movement dice and more than 100 item and monster cards — this is the ultimate Castlevania board game.

Custom SNES Is An Homage To Everything Castlevania

Artist Vadu Amka turned his PAL SNES console into the embodiment of darkness, just in time for October. It’s a Castlevania-themed one, and it’s not just a repaint, it has a huge whip, an additional skull, a coffin and other emblems of the series.

NES Classics, Turned Into Digital Origami

Digital artist Steph Caskenette picked a couple of iconic NES moments from games like the Castlevania, Contra or Metroid, and made them look like it’s all curved paper.

The Challenge Of Leaving Castlevania (and Konami) Behind

Koji Igarashi is 46 years old. Dubbed “Iga” by fans, he’s best known for his work on the Castlevania series. Nearly half his life was spent making games at Konami. Yesterday, he announced he was leaving that company, and in an exclusive interview with Kotaku, he explains why.

Beloved Castlevania Producer Koji Igarashi Leaves Konami

Koji Igarashi, a veteran game producer best known for his work on the Castlevania series, has left Konami. His last day at the Tokyo-based game company was 15 March 2014.

What A Horrible Night To Have Some Awesome Cosplay

Underneath all that armour and costume is not Castlevania’s Gabriel (or, in this case, Gabrielle) Belmont. It is cosplay superstar Meagan Marie, in one of the most industrious outfits I’ve ever seen.

So, How Much For Dracula's Castle From Castlevania?

It’s not a question that gets asked a lot, but unless Dracula had an army of muscle-bound bats constructing his abode, you have to wonder what sort of currency he had to shell out to build the darn thing. Real estate blog Movoto has made an attempt to calculate what this magical sum might be… and the damage isn’t as bad as you might think.

You Loved Chrono Jigga, Now Listen To Nastlevania!

You may or may not remember Chrono Jigga, a sublime remix of multiple different Jay-Z tracks using the music from Chrono Trigger by producer 2 Mello. Now he’s attempting the same trick again, only this time using a capellas from longtime Jay-Z rival Nas, pairing it up with music from the Castlevania series. It’s called ‘Nastlevania‘. Naturally.