Castlevania: Nocturne Renewed For Second Season

Castlevania: Nocturne Renewed For Second Season

Castlevania: Nocturne, the sequel to Netflix’s surprise-hit Castlevania anime, premiered on the streamer last week to rave reviews from critics and fans alike. So it’s probably not startling to hear that the vampire-killing series has been renewed for a second season, but that won’t stop me from pumping my fist in the air anyway.

News of Castlevania: Nocturne’s renewal came in the form of an official trailer announcement by Netflix on Friday. Castlevania: Nocturne follows Richter Belmont, a descendant of Trevor Belmont and Sypha Belnades, as he and his fellow plucky young allies battle against a “vampire messiah” plotting to enslave humanity and plunge the world into darkness. Be warned: The season two trailer, which is predominantly storyboards and concept art, contains spoilers for the final episode of Castlevania: Nocturne season one.

Consider yourself warned! Here’s the trailer:


“Thanks to all of the Castlevania fans old and new for the amazing response and support,” showrunners Clive Bradley and Kevin Kolde said in a press release. “We are excited to be able to bring you more Castlevania: Nocturne and the next chapter in the rise of Richter Belmont.”

Castlevania: Nocturne season two doesn’t have a release date but its directors, Samuel and Adam Deets, teased fans saying the wait “won’t be quite so long this time.”

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In our review of Castlevania: Nocturne, we said the show’s first season laid the groundwork for a series that has the potential to eclipse the greatness of its predecessor while raising the bar for video game adaptations in the process. Hopefully, the show’s second season will continue that legacy.

Now, if you want to talk a bit about those spoilers…

For those who don’t care about spoilers, the above trailer shows that, yes, Alucard is back, and he’s teaming up with Richter, Maria Renard, and Annette to defeat the vampire messiah, Erzsebet Báthory, who’s still very much a threat at the end of the first season.

The season two trailer also gives us some quick shots of Edouard, Mizrak, and Abbot Emmanuel, confirming that they survived the cataclysmic events of the final episode. One particular storyboard from the trailer reveals a scene of Maria and Alucard sitting next to each other. While innocuous on the surface, folks who’ve played the Castlevania games know that Maria eventually falls in love with the ashen vampire. And honestly, who can blame her?

Perhaps we’ll get to see that one-sided crush play out in Castlevania: Nocturne season two alongside Richter and Annette’s budding romance.

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