Netflix’s Devil May Cry Anime Teaser Trailer Is Here

Netflix’s Devil May Cry Anime Teaser Trailer Is Here

On Wednesday, Netflix revealed a teaser trailer for its upcoming Devil May Cry anime during the Drop 01 showcase, a livestreamed event where the streamer showcased new shows coming to its service in the near future.

Devil May Cry, developed by Capcom back in 2001, was a highly influential character-action game that followed Dante, a gun-slinging, pizza-eating devil hunter who protected the world from demons, at least so long as the money’s good. As the son of a once-powerful demon, Sparda, Dante used his demonic powers to defeat devils in style by juggling them in the air using an arsenal of weapons he’d made out of their fallen brethren. Later on in the series, Dante aligned himself with fellow devil hunters Trish and Lady, and battled his evil brother, Vergil. You can check out the new anime’s teaser trailer below


If you don’t have 44 seconds to spare, allow me to summarize the trailer. There’s an interior of a dark room. Dante smiles at the camera. Cut to black. Dante then does a flip while shooting bullets from his pistols, Ebony and Ivory. Dante makes a “wahoo” sound while heavy metal plays in the background, just like in the games. And, scene.

Although this trailer serves as our first official look at the show, it doesn’t actually reveal much outside of the basics above. However, its YouTube description revealed that Studio Mir, the same folks behind The Legend of Korra and The Boondocks season 4, will animate the series. Castlevania producer Adi Shankar is on board too, so it’s safe to say that the show is in good hands.

Everything else we know about the Devil May Cry anime

During a 2021 interview with IGN Japan, Shankar confirmed that Vergil and Lady will be in the show, which will be eight episodes long and span multiple seasons. Shankar also poked fun at Hollywood actor Chris Pratt by also confirming that the Mario voice actor won’t be voicing Dante.

“The entire [Capcom] team, both from the management side and the creative side, have been so incredibly supportive and gracious,” Shankar told IGN Japan. “[Devil May Cry producer Hiroyuki Kobayashi] has been wonderful. It’s seriously a joy to work with Capcom.”

Netflix has had a bit of a mixed output when it comes to video game adaptations. While shows like Castlevania and Arcane serve as shining examples of the streamer being a powerhouse in the space, other adaptations, like its lackluster Dragon’s Dogma show and its Dragon Age series, left something to be desired. Time will tell whether the DMC anime will top the charts as a smoking anime adaptation or live in infamy as a forgettable effort more akin to studio Madhouse’s attempt at a Devil May Cry anime in 2007.

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