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We've had a few days now with (most) of the answers we wanted: the release date, the price, and what games are coming out.

Now it's time for your review: what do you think of the Nintendo Switch?


It's the last time for a Community Review before Christmas, and as a result there's only one thing left to cover for the year: 2016 itself.


I've had friends message me in all-caps the day they picked this game up. It's sold millions and millions of copies already, apparently. Even just looking at the trending page on the PS4 shows that this game has absolutely taken off.

So it's time. Tell me what you think about Final Fantasy 15.


It's been a little while since the launch, so I figure most people will have had time to digest, explore and comprehend all of the changes and additions within Pokemon Sun & Moon. And now it's time to ask: what do you think?


While most of the buzz has been about Pokemon Sun & Moon over the last few days, it wasn't the only major game to get a release last week.

Watch Dogs 2 came out and, by all accounts, it's a good improvement from the original.


After a few jam-packed weeks, Bethesda and Dishonored 2 largely got all of last week to themselves. Call of Duty and Battlefield was nowhere to be seen, and the only major distraction was on the hardware side with the Mini NES. (Which most people couldn't buy.)

So now that the game has been out for a weekend, how are you finding it?


I feel as though the warmongering FPS has undergone quite the revival in the last month or so. Battlefield 1 came out and surprised everyone by having a single player campaign that was both respectful and engaging.

Titanfall 2 surprised everyone by being batshit insane.

How did Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare compare?


I've spent a bit of time with Titanfall 2 over the last few days, whether it's playing multiplayer at a launch event or quietly slogging through the singleplayer at home.

Just quietly: the singleplayer is surprisingly very good.


Not everyone who wanted a PlayStation VR rig would have gotten one when it launched on Thursday last week. The first shipment of headsets sold out pretty quickly, and some retailers sold out of the second shipment too.

So the PSVR has flown off the shelves. But is it any good?


We've had roughly a week with Destiny's latest expansion, Rise of Iron, and so far the takeaway has been generally positive. It's got one of the game's best story missions, and we're finally getting a sense of what Destiny can do when it doesn't have to accommodate for the 360 and PS3.

But are you having fun?


If you pre-ordered really early, or just bit the bullet over the weekend and bought the game anyway, you would have gotten early access to the full version of NBA 2K17 ahead of its retail release. Even prior to that, part of the career gameplay was released via The Prelude.

So, how did it turn out?


So I've been on holiday for the majority of July and during that time my Facebook feed has been going gaga over two things.

The first is Pokemon GO. Obviously.

The second is Stranger Things.


It wasn't really supposed to be a big one, but it had its moments nonetheless. How did you judge this year's E3?

Personally, I was pleasantly surprised.