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The Most Popular Pokémon Of All Time Goes Black And White Next Month

Pikachu is cute and all, but when it comes to battling Pokémon it doesn’t get much better than Mewtwo. Players of Pokémon Black and White can witness this power first-hand starting February 12.

Namco Bandai Declared The European Distributor Of Xbox Witcher 2

Earlier this year Polish developer CD Projekt Red got into a legal scuffle with Namco Bandai over the distribution rights to the Xbox 360 port of The Witcher 2: Assassins of Kings. Now a French court has made it quite clear: THQ is out, and Namco Bandai is in.

Pokémon Fans Cannot Escape Victini This Christmas

With a Victini-themed sweepstakes, the limited theatrical release of Pokémon the Movie: White-Victini and Zekrom, and a special December distribution event, players will be hard-pressed to elude the victory Pokémon this Christmas, not that they’d want to.

Square Enix Floats Dead Island To America

Deep Silver is a lovely little company, but when a game generates the sort of buzz Dead Island stirred up with its stunning trailer, the big guns need to be called in. That’s why Techland’s zombie holiday game is coming to the Americas via Square Enix.

You Can Play The Secret Of Monkey Island Inside This Post

Online gaming innovator InstantAction may have just changed the way games are distributed on the internet, with the introduction of a service that lets publishers embed games like The Secret of Monkey Island as easily as a YouTube video.

Konami Reunites With Atari Australia

Konami and Atari Australia broke up late last year. Konami quickly rebounded with Red Ant. That little fling didn’t last long. Now Konami’s back with Atari. Full statement from Atari Australia after the jump.

Not A Rumour: Capcom's Australian Distributor KO'd

Looks like the rumour we heard earlier today is now sadly confirmed. According to a listing on the Australian Securities and Investments Commission website, Red Ant Enterprises is now officially in the hands of receivers. ASIC lists Red Ant’s status as “UNDER EXTERNAL ADMINISTRATION and/or CONTROLLER APPOINTED”, which doesn’t sound too good at all. Quite what all this means for Capcom, Konami, Bethesda and Midway, whose titles are distributed through Red Ant, we really don’t know at this stage. We are still chasing Red Ant for comment.

Rumour: Red Ant Closing Up Shop?

We’ve received word from several sources this morning that Australian games and DVD distributor Red Ant has gone bust and fallen into receivership. If this rumour is true, it may throw the future of local releases from Capcom, Bethesda, Konami and Midway into doubt, as Red Ant currently has distribution agreements with all four publishers. Given Capcom’s upcoming release slate – Street Fighter IV, Bionic Commando, Resident Evil 5 are all due before the end of March – that’s an especially worrying prospect. We’ve contacted Red Ant for comment and will update as soon as we hear anything further.

Check here for an update.

Square Enix To Deliver Ubisoft Games To Japan

Square Enix continues to further their global agenda today as they announce an agreement with Ubisoft to distribute the French publisher’s titles throughout Japan.

The Economy of Happiness: What's a Game Worth to You?

After his recent chat with game pirates, independent developer Cliff Harris of Positech Games muses on pricing structure of games, as ‘cost’ was listed as a major reason for piracy. As he points out, plenty of other products have a wide continuum that ranges from ‘economy’ to ‘deluxe’; games can often be divided into ‘normal’ and ‘collectors’ editions. Why can’t we go a bit further, he asks:

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