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Horizon: Zero Dawn Has Robot Dinosaurs You Can Fight

Video: ROBOT DINOSAURS. Guerrilla Games showed off Horizon: Zero Dawn at E3 earlier this year, but today’s Horizon gameplay footage looks way more like the game we’ll (hopefully) be playing next year. UI! Loot! Crafting! Frame rate drops!

Killzone On The PS4 Might Actually Be More Comfortable To Play

If you’re purchasing the PlayStation 4 this holiday season and are into first-person shooters, chances are you’ll be eyeing Guerrilla Games‘ latest instalment in the Killzone franchise: Shadow Fall. But while those shiny new graphics will catch most people’s eyes, I’m more concerned with how the game plays.

Guerrilla Games Speak Out On PlayStation 4 Development

You could make the argument that this Conversations With Creators video about Killzone: Shadow Fall is simply an elaborate advertisement for the PS4, and I’d probably agree with you, but I found this video interesting nonetheless. Members of the Guerrilla Games team speak out about developing for the PS4 and what the machine is capable of and it’s all relatively insightful stuff.

Just How More Detailed Are PS4 Characters Over PS3 Characters?

Last week, Guerrilla Games released a report on the studio’s PlayStation 4 reveal demonstration, which had people playing a real-time demo of the new Killzone game. It’s mostly super-technical, but there’s still enough interesting stuff in there for regular folk to get something out of.

Killzone Mercenary Is The Vita FPS With Crotch-Stabbing

The PlayStation Vita is a good, powerful handheld machine that’s run some piss-poor first-person shooters. After rushed, clunky Resistance and Call of Duty shooters, the system will get a Killzone in September. It merely needs to be mediocre to improve Vita FPSing dramatically.

Killzone Devs Speak Up On Developing For The PS4

Edge has a pretty insightful interview with Guerrilla Games, focusing on Killzone 4 and PlayStation 4 development — some very interesting stuff in there.

Welcome Back To Killzone 3, Here's Double XP

Now that Killzone 3 players can get online and kill each other once again, Guerrilla Games and Sony gives them incentive to do so in the form of a double XP weekend running now through 10AM UK time Monday morning.

A More Personal Look At The Killzone Conflict

The escalating conflict between the ISA and the Helghast plays out on a much smaller scale in Killzone Universe, a live-action short that shows a friendship torn apart by impending war.

Killzone 3 Is A Colourful, Wonderful, Enthusiastic Mess

Killzone 3 is at its best when it’s most unrecognisable.

Killzone 3's Engineer Is The Ultimate Team Player

In the first of a series of videos covering Killzone 3’s multiplayer professions, Guerrilla Games multiplayer designer Dan Nanni discusses the engineer, the game’s turret-building support class.

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