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Toy Time Plays With He-Men, The Most Powerful Men In The Universe

If you’re a He-Man fan that likes to keep their figures pristine in their packaging then look away. It’s about to get really sad up in here.

Every Masters Of The Universe Action Figure, Ranked

The most powerful man in the universe was also part of the greatest toyline in the universe. MotU’s giant, wildly varied assortment of heroes and villains set it apart from its ’80s counterparts — admittedly, some more so than others. So here are all 60 original action figures, scientifically ranked by awesomeness.

For Nearly $700, One Would Expect He-Man To Show A Little Nipple

Look here, Pop Culture Shock Collectibles — if you’re going to ask me to put down $US679 for a life-size He-Man bust, you’re going to have to show some super-heroic nipple.

LEGO He-Man Is A Christmas Dream Waiting To Come True

We can thank Alex Jones (Orion Pax) for this, a set of designs for He-Man LEGO so complete and professional that it’s a wonder he didn’t just sneak into my dreams and steal them.

It's Superman Vs He-Man In This New Comics Crossover

I have to admit that — of all the “who’d win” nerd arguments over the strength of pop-cultural metahumans — the Man of Steel vs The Hero of Eternia is one I never really thought about. Superman and He-Man? Science vs magic is always a good clash, but so much about the characters’ respective universes was just so different.

Darksiders II May Be Your Best Shot At A Skeletor Game

I’d sure love to play a kickass game based on Skeletor. That may not be an option right now, but fortunately there’s Vigil’s upcoming Darksiders II, whose protagonist Death looks a fair bit like He-Man’s blue-hooded nemesis.

You Still Have Time To Help Shape The He-Man Game, Got Any Ideas?

Just one week ago we were pretty sure that a He-Man video game was in the works. It turns out that it’s more of just a hope and a dream right now. So now’s your chance to be influential.

This Could Mean A New He-Man Video Game

Mattel is the company behind some of the world’s hottest toy brands, including Hot Wheels, Barbie, Fisher-Price and Masters of the Universe. Now the company hands over the rights to create video games on those properties to THQ.

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