A Modern Take On Masters Of The Universe

A Modern Take On Masters Of The Universe

Artist Eddie Del Rio, who we last featured here with his contributions to Jordan Vogt-Roberts’ attempts to get a Metal Gear movie made, spent a bunch of time last year, like everyone else, stuck at home. Unlike most other folks, though, he decided to spend a bunch of that time reimagining iconic 80s series Masters of the Universe.

The images below are the result, with Del Rio breathing fresh life into everything from Castle Grayskull to Skeletor to, most badass of all, the Attack Trak, which has gone from “goofy plastic vehicle” to “Deserts of Kharak-looking behemoth”.

You can see more of Eddie’s stuff at his personal site, Twitter and Instagram.


  • Looks amazing!

    Only issue is if it ever gets greenlit the brigade will get a hold of it and completely change the fundamental story concepts – like they do with everything 80’s.

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