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Sword Art Online, Now With Flying

Japan’s popular series about life inside video games is getting another game. It lets you fly. Sword Art Online is a story with multiple arcs, perhaps the most famous being its initial story involving a game of death where players are trapped inside an MMO and dying in the game means dying in real life.

Handheld Gaming Continues To Rule In Japan

So last week, the New Nintendo 3DS was released in Japan as was Monster Hunter 4G. Both highlight the obvious: Handheld gaming is still very big in the country.

Why Pix The Cat Is My New Favourite High-Score Game

You may not have realised that you need a hybrid of mobile stalwart Snake and Pac-Man: Championship Edition in your life, but gosh, you really do. Pix The Cat is a PS4/Vita game from Rayman: Jungle Run devs Pastagames, out now, and it’s wonderful.

Is Flame Over The Vita's Next Indie Hit?

Flame Over is what Spelunky would be if you played as a firefighter. It’s damned hard, but oddly compelling; every failure strengthened my conviction that I could do better next time, even if I rarely did.

Good News And Bad News, Skullgirls Fans

Briefly: The 2D fighting game’s third DLC character, the Egyptian-inspired sorta-blood-mage Eliza, is out now on PC and PS3, free for the next three months. The game’s Vita and PS4 versions, however, have been postponed to early 2015. Look above for a taste of Eliza’s fighting style.

One Small Tweak Makes Vita Remote Play So Much Better

I haven’t been the biggest fan of the PlayStation Vita’s remote play function. It sounds great in theory — use your Vita to stream games from your PS4, play games in bed or on the go! But it never works quite like I want it to.

Velocity 2X: The Kotaku Review

Level 26 of Velocity 2X has taken over my day. I wish I could just let go and move on with my life, but I am literally ONE SECOND away from a gold Perfect medal. A SECOND. I have been chasing that second for about an hour, now.

The Weird Reasons I've Stopped Playing Handhelds Regularly

This is just a short post with a simple question. I’m really keen to see if I’m alone here or if I’m just the laziest, most disgustingly disorganised human being in Australia.

University's PlayStation Classroom Has DualShock Desks

This year, Sangmyung University in Seoul, South Korea will begin teaching a course on PlayStation. Just check out the classroom.

Nihon Falcom Is Bringing A "Totally New" Ys RPG To PS4 And Vita

The game will feature both exploration, with some jumping and climbing shown in the trailer, and “high speed combat.”