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'Take Back Video Games From Smartphones,' Says Japanese Game Billboard 

Not sure these are fighting words, but this is a clever ad campaign.

Persona 4 Dancing All Night: The Kotaku Review

If it weren’t a severe breach of protocol I’d just put the giant YES up at the top of the review. But it is. So I won’t. Atlus has Persona 4‘d the rhythm game. That completely real, don’t argue with me verb first cropped up with the release of Persona 4 Arena back in 2012. With Arena Atlus had the nice folks at Arc System Works make a 2D fighting game and then wrapped it in enough story to fill a Japanese visual novel.

Mobile Gaming Didn't Kill The Vita -- Sony Did

I have long been a fan of the PlayStation Vita. So this quote from one of Sony’s head honchos about portable gaming seriously bums me out.

Dragon Quest Builders Cannot Deny Its Minecraft DNA

Dragon Quest Builders, Square Enix’s new block making RPG feels like a rebellious child — not wanting to acknowledge its heritage, even though it’s really obvious.

First Hands-on With Tri-Ace And Spike Chunsoft's New RPG

Tri-Ace and Spike Chunsoft’s new RPG, Exist Archive: The Other Side of the Sky was playable at this year’s Tokyo Game Show so I sat down and gave it a whirl.

More Anime Characters Beating The Crap Out Of Each Other

While players in the still West are awaiting the release of the anime (technically “light novel”) cross-over fighter Dengeki Bunko: Fighting Climax, an updated version of the game was shown off this week at the Tokyo Game Show.

Koei Tecmo's Attack On Titan Game Looks Vicious

Koei Tecmo, best known for Dead or Alive and Dynasty Warriors, is making an Attack on Titan game. We know this! But we haven’t really seen much of the game itself, and now, we get a teeny-tiny peek at that.

Hey, They're Making A New Danganronpa 

Do you like Danganronpa? Oh, lovely. Would you like more Danganronpa? Good news, because that’s exactly what you are getting.

The Newest Hatsune Miku Game Is An Idol Simulator

Announced on August 31st to celebrate the 8th birthday of Japan’s iconic virtual idol, Hatsune Miku: Project Diva X is the latest addition to the Project Diva series. This time, it’s not about high scores, it’s about audience response.

Take A Break From Metal Gear And Play Nova-111

Have you heard of Nova-111? I barely had, but now I must show it to you. It’s a wonderful surprise of a video game. It’s partially turn-based, partially real-time. It’s action mixed with puzzles. Its on Xbox One, PS4, PS3, Vita, PC and Mac and is coming to Wii U. It just came out. It’s terrific.

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