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Gaming Secrets: The Bizarre Situation Of Rainbow 6: Patriots

PLUS MORE GAMING SECRETS AND RUMOURS: Sony and a Sonic film, developers helping on other developers’ games, Facebook and advertising on gaming consoles

The Status Of Microsoft And Sony's Next Consoles. Plus: A Whole Bunch Of Other Gaming Secrets.

No topic appeared in the rumour mill this year as much as the coming next-generation consoles from Sony and Microsoft.

Red Cross Won't Go After You For Playing War Games

Virtual war crimes won’t lead to real world prosecution, the International Committee of the Red Cross clarified today.

War Crimes In Games Draw Red Cross Scrutiny

One of the world’s largest and most respected humanitarian groups in the world is investigating whether the Geneva and Hague conventions should be applied to the fictional recreation of war in video games.

Rainbow 6 Developer Talks Terrorism, Call Of Duty, And Moving The Medium Forward

Last week, I headed down to Ubisoft headquarters in San Francisco to get a first look at their upcoming tactical shooter Rainbow 6: Patriots. I posted my impressions of the event earlier today — it looks like a solid evolution of the small-team tactical template set forth in Vegas, but what’s more remarkable is that it at least flirts with being one of the first big-budget action games to deal with terrorism and civilian casualties in a deeper, more meaningful way.

Tactics, Tough Choices In Rainbow 6: Patriots

How far would you go to save a life? To save lives? Would you sacrifice an innocent civilian to save a hundred more? Ubisoft’s recently unveiled tactical shooter Rainbow 6: Patriots aims to tackle those tough (or at least, dramatic) questions.

Rainbow 6: Patriots' Tough Choices Brought To Life In This Proof-Of-Concept Video

We’ve been telling you about the hard choices being put on the players of Rainbow 6: Patriots since June, now see for yourself in Ubisoft’s proof-of-concept video. Happy birthday to you.

Branching Levels Driven By Moral Choices Could Be Rainbow 6's Secret Weapon

While other shooters are pursuing more weapons, more maps, higher polygon counts, higher body counts; Tom Clancy’s latest Rainbow Six game is pushing the envelop on morality.

Homegrown Terrorists Fight To Take Back America In Rainbow 6: Patriots

After a two-game vacation in Vegas, Tom Clancy’s elite counter-terrorism unit takes on an all-new threat threatening to destroy the U.S. government in Rainbow 6: Patriots now in development for the PlayStation 3, Xbox 360, and PC.

New Rainbow 6 Might Be The Most Innovative Shooter In Years

While Ubisoft’s still-secret, yet-to-be named Rainbow 6 game skipped an E3 appearance this year, it is still very much in the works we’re told.