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The First Hour Of Megadimension Neptunia VII Says It All

The first PlayStation 4 entry in Idea Factory’s girls as game consoles role-playing game is out in North America today, and coming to Australia later this month. I’m betting it will take less than an hour of playing to decide if Megadimension Neptunia VII is for you, so here’s an hour of playing. Mind the NSFW screen at the end.

Iron Maiden Is Getting The Free-To-Play Mobile RPG Treatment

Zero points for guessing who’s behind the soundtrack.

Fallout 3 Beaten In 14 Minutes, A New World Record

Watch as one gamer blazes through the capital wasteland in the time it takes most of us to deliberate over a single SPECIAL point. Phenomenal.

D&D Player Falls Asleep, Dungeon Master Tries Everything To Wake Him Up 

Video: Playing Dungeons & Dragons through Twitch has its advantages, but if one of the players falls asleep, there’s not much to do. In this case though, the Dungeon Master of PokeYourEyesOut didn’t give up so easily.

The Best Perk In Fallout 4 Is Completely Broken

Most perks in Fallout 4 are just supposed to give you a little boost, nothing major or almost game-breaking. This is not one of those perks.

You Can Listen To SHODAN Insult You On The System Shock 3 Site

One of the nicer bits of news this week was the announcement that System Shock 3 is finally being made, following the resolution of the legal quandary surrounding the assets and the IP.

Otherside Entertainment are the studio tasked with making the sequel to the iconic Looking Glass series, and today they’ve put out a cool teaser site that’s worth your attention.

10 Ridiculous Things That Can Actually Happen In Fallout 4

Fallout 4 is a pretty absurd game, on the whole. One moment you might become a comic book hero, the next you might go on a quest for a long-lost drinking buddy robot. That’s just the stuff on the surface. Things can get even stranger, if you look in the right places.

You Should Try Fallout 4 Without Fast Travel 

For a couple of days now, I’ve been trying an experiment with Fallout 4 — and it’s completely transformed my experience with the game.

Where To Find Fallout 4's Best Power Armour 

Missing Fallout 4’s most powerful armour is pretty easy, given that it’s inside of an unmarked building. Here’s how you can find it.

If You Need More RPGs Or MMOs In Your Life, Lineage 2 Is Hitting Steam

Given that it’s free-to-play, doesn’t have a level cap and has more than 30 classes, this probably isn’t the worst time sink to help distract you from your family and friends over the Christmas holidays.

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