The Secret Douglas Adams RPG People Have Been Playing For 15 Years

Douglas Adams dreamt up the Starship Titanic in 1982 as a half-page gag in Life, the Universe and Everything, the third book of the Hitch Hiker’s Guide to the Galaxy ‘trilogy in five parts.’

Dungeons & Dragons Brings Fresh Elemental Evil To MMO And Tabletop

Considered by many to be the greatest D&D adventure of all-time, “The Temple of Elemental Evil” gets a major nod this March when the latest storyline, simply titled “Elemental Evil”, hits the MMO Neverwinter, the tabletop game and beyond.

The Hardest Boss Fight Ever

Dayshot: They should have brought a couple dozen more people. Titled “Level UP”, this rather beautiful piece of art was drawn by DeviantArt’s deadslug, where it even became a Daily Deviation (i.e. it was featured on the site’s front page).

This Single Piece Of Concept Art Is All The Info We Have On The Next Shadowrun Returns Campaign

This single piece of concept art is all the info we have so far on Harebrained Schemes’ next Shadowrun Returns campaign, which is hitting Kickstarter next month. Dragonfall was a huge improvement over the original game/campaign, so it should be interesting to see what they will come up with next.

All I Want For Christmas Is This Digimon Game For North America

Earlier this fall Bandai Namco released Digimon All-Star Rumble in North America. That’s not the game long-time fans wanted. We wanted Digimon Story: Cyber Sleuth, the sleek and stylish role-playing game coming to the Japanese Vita in March.

First Gameplay Footage Of Legendary RPG Successor Torment

Planescape Torment is widely lauded as one of the best-written (not to mention weirdest) games of all time. It’s so revered that the Kickstarter for its spiritual successor, Torment: Tides of Numenera, raked in a whopping $US4.1 million. How’s it shaping up, though? Now, finally, you can see.

Divinity: Original Sin's First Free DLC Has A Cute Nod To Smash Bros.

And the accompanying update finally fixes dialogue in co-op. Thank goodness.

Lichdom Officially Out On Steam

Video: Lichdom, the linear first-person RPG where you play a badass battlemage, is now officially out on Steam after a nearly six-month early access period. If you liked playing a mage in Skyrim, you’ll probably enjoy this.

The New Dungeons & Dragons Player's Handbook Is Here

Twenty years ago I would have taken a week off for the release of a new set of Dungeons & Dragons rule books. Perhaps that’s one of the reasons Wizards of the Coast is releasing the three core 5th Edition rule books over the course of three months, starting with today’s Player’s Handbook.

As Long As JRPGs Like This Keep Coming West, My PS3 Stays Connected

Today Tecmo Koei announced that Gust’s Ar Nosurge: Ode to an Unborn Star, a prequel to the amazing Ar Tonelico series, is coming to Western PlayStation 3 consoles on September 23. Games like this are the reason my PS3 is the only console hooked up right now.