SNES-Style Tactical RPG Stars A 'Raging Alcoholic'

Our heroine, ladies and gentlemen. Dragon Fin Soup will follow the story of several playable characters; one of them is Red Robin, an alcoholic bounty hunter who hails from a remote village on Asura — essentially a planet formed on top of giant cosmic turtle that swims around in space-time.

Awesome First-Person Spellcasting RPG Is Now Playable

Lichdom: Battlemage first emerged several months ago in the form of a trailer showcasing some excellent-looking spellcasting action . Now, its pre-alpha version is on Steam. It’s pretty great.

The Next Angry Birds Is A Turn-Based Role-Playing Game. What?

Angry Birds developer Rovio said it was teasing an epic new game, and it wasn’t kidding. Soft launching in Australia and Canada this week, Angry Birds Epic is an adventure role-playing game with turn-based combat and an extensive crafting system. I did not see this coming.

A Closer Look At The Shadowrun RPG's Upcoming Expansion

Here’s a closer look at the Shadowrun RPG’s upcoming expansion, Dragonfall, courtesy of a new trailer. The Kickstarter update also mentions two other things: first, the expansion’s release date has been pushed back to February 27. Second, the much-anticipated Quicksave patch is already live for the original game.

Building Your RPG Characters In The Real World

Hero Forge is like an RPG character creation tool. You choose a gender, choose a build, choose some armour and get yourself a reasonably unique character. Only at the end of this one, your character gets made in the real world instead of being trapped inside a video game.

If Anything Can Make Me Love My Vita, It's Digimon

This is a screenshot for Digimon Story: Cyber Sleuth for the PlayStation Vita. It’s a game that probably won’t make it to North America. It’s not even due out in Japan until 2015. I’m so excited.

Elder Scrolls Meets The Beatles

To celebrate The Elder Scrolls Anthology collection, digital artist Hieronymus7z filled his piece — besides the obvious Beatles reference — with heroes, locations and little details from all five Elder Scrolls games. You can see the Imperial City, the Adamantine Tower, the Red Mountain, silt striders and a lot more.

Shadowrun's Berlin Expansion Lands In January, Adds... Quicksaves?!

Well it’s about damn time. Yep, indie RPG Shadowrun Returns’ new expansion will be adding a save-anywhere function to both the original and the new Berlin campaigns, as per the latest announcement on the game’s Kickstarter.

RPG Elements Keep Us Playing, For Better And For Worse

You spend time or energy, you gotta get something out of it. Self-improvement. Money, maybe. Experience, at least. This simple idea is so powerful and pervasive that of course games have modelled it — experience points, levels, and skill trees (otherwise known as role-playing game elements) are things that have been around for a while. But it wasn’t until this generation when the ideas overtook nearly every genre.

You Won't Believe One Person Created This Whole Game

Universum: War Front is an incredibly ambitious game. It’s a combination of real-time strategy, MOBA, role-playing game and third-person shooter, set in a wholly original universe. Impressive, moreso when you realise everything you see and hear in the video is the work of one guy.