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You Should Try Fallout 4 Without Fast Travel 

For a couple of days now, I’ve been trying an experiment with Fallout 4 — and it’s completely transformed my experience with the game.

Where To Find Fallout 4's Best Power Armour 

Missing Fallout 4’s most powerful armour is pretty easy, given that it’s inside of an unmarked building. Here’s how you can find it.

If You Need More RPGs Or MMOs In Your Life, Lineage 2 Is Hitting Steam

Given that it’s free-to-play, doesn’t have a level cap and has more than 30 classes, this probably isn’t the worst time sink to help distract you from your family and friends over the Christmas holidays.

Fate/Grand Order Is Fun, But Not For Beginners

Fate/Grand Order is an RPG for Android and iOS platforms which lets players take on the role of a fledgling master on a quest to save time and space. It’s great fun, but with a few prerequisites.

Darkest Dungeon Decides To Invade Your Post-Christmas Holiday

I’ve been looking forward to the full release of Darkest Dungeon, even though the game is one of the better examples of Early Access done right. It’s an intriguing roguelike-RPG with a fantastic aesthetic, and it’s the kind of game you’ll want to set aside some time for.

Fortunately the developers have decided to help everyone by scheduling it in a window where you’re likely to have a bit of spare time: January next year.

The First Part Of The Pillars Of Eternity Expansion Is Out Now

It’s finally released on Steam, although it’s worth noting that the second half of the expansion won’t appear until “this Winter”.

In This New Tactical RPG, Four Kingdoms Fight For Control

Because while war never changes, the platform and user interface has a tendency to.

The Ray Gigant Trailer With English Subtitles

In the age of 3D high-spec prettiness, more and more I find myself looking forward to and enjoying “low tech” games that give my imagination room to play.

Sometimes I Leave Xenoblade X Running Just To Listen To The Music

As I write this post, Xenoblade Chronicles X is up on my TV, its music blasting from my surround sound system — just as it has been for hours. This is despite the fact that I haven’t really played the game at all today.

Sega's Newest Free-To-Play Is A Plot-Heavy RPG

Late last month Sega released their newest mobile game: Hortensia Saga. But unlike many free-to-play mobile games, this one has an expansive fantasy plot to back up its addictive gameplay.

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