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7th Dragon III Code: VFD: The Kotaku Review

The name might be a bit of a mess, but Sega’s new 3DS role-playing game is anything but.

Movie Tie-In Games Sure Are Getting Fancy

Would you believe this lovely hand-drawn collectible card-based role-playing game is based on the upcoming prequel/sequel to Snow White and the Huntsman?

Happy 10th Birthday To My Favourite Elder Scrolls Game 

“These are the closing days of the third era, and the final hours of my life.” So spoke Sir Patrick Stewart as King Uriel Septim VII in the opening moments of The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion, foretelling the end of his adventure and the beginning of a million others.

Learn Everything You Need To Know About Damage In The Division With One Video

The fun with MMOs, RPGs or games that use elements of both is that the statistics behind them can get very tricky. And if you’re playing something that takes elements from both those genres and happens to have a heavy PvP element, it’s worth knowing how all the stats works.

That’s especially true for people who have been enjoying The Division, a game that is rapidly growing a strong following. Fortunately one bloke has broken down everything you need to know.

After Six Years In Development, This Action RPG Is Finally Coming Out

Crate Entertainment first announced Grim Dawn, a Diablo-like RPG using Titan Quest’s engine, in January 2010. Two years later, they collected over half a million dollars with a successful Kickstarter campaign, and later put the game on Early Access in 2013. Now, after half a dozen years, Grim Dawn is getting released.

Project X Zone 2 Is A Stupid Fun Party With All Of Your Friends

Say you have several groups of good friends. Work friends, neighbourhood friends, online friends; each group great in their own way. You throw a shindig to get them all together. Why? It doesn’t matter, as long as everybody gets together and has a good time. That’s Project X Zone 2.

One Guy Is Documenting Every Secret Fallout 4 Location

Even if you’ve spent hundreds of hours within Fallout 4, chances are pretty slim that you’ll see everything within the game. There are hundreds of smaller locales hiding within the Commonwealth, all of which aren’t actually marked on your Pip-Boy’s map.

The First Hour Of Megadimension Neptunia VII Says It All

The first PlayStation 4 entry in Idea Factory’s girls as game consoles role-playing game is out in North America today, and coming to Australia later this month. I’m betting it will take less than an hour of playing to decide if Megadimension Neptunia VII is for you, so here’s an hour of playing. Mind the NSFW screen at the end.

Iron Maiden Is Getting The Free-To-Play Mobile RPG Treatment

Zero points for guessing who’s behind the soundtrack.

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