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X Rebirth May Be The Sexiest Looking Space Sim Of 2011

Granted, I’d be hard pressed to list many of this year’s hardcore space sim contenders, but the newly revealed X Rebirth – the latest in Egosoft’s 12-year-old X series – is going to have a hard time being visually out-sexed. This is a gorgeous game.

PC Gamers To Get Some Triple X

That’s three games called X, and all their expansions in one box, by the way. Get your filthy mind out of the gutter.

Jumpgate Evolution Is Completely Full Of Ships

Codemasters has released new screenshots and concept art featuring the true stars of NetDevil’s Jumpgate Evolution – the ships.

Black Prophecy, The Other Online Space Shooter

For your viewing pleasure, here’s seven minutes of gameplay footage from Black Prophecy, Reakktor Media’s answer to the massively multiplayer online space shooter.

Warhawk in Spaaaaaace

Informed sources tell Kotaku that newly minted LightBox Interactive Studio, made up of members of Incognito, are hard at work on a new take on Warhawk.

Get Your Battlestar Galactica Fix With These Games

After a run of over five years, Battlestar Galactica finished over the weekend, and there’s a hole in my heart. Probably one in yours, too. One that needs filling.

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