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15 Years On, System Shock 2 Is Still Being Patched

There’s no two ways about it: System Shock 2 is an ancient, if venerable relic of gaming’s past. Yet, here we are in 2015 and you can download it for $US10 from Steam or GOG right now and play one of the most important (and terrifying) first-person shooters ever made. And it’s still being patched!

System Shock 2 Now Has An (Unofficial) Sequel

Classic PC RPG System Shock 2, without which there would be no BioShock series, was released in 1999. It never got an official sequel, but that hasn’t stopped fans from putting one together.

It's Chess Meets Hamlet

Briefly: “It’s chess meets Hamlet. OK, maybe not Hamlet. But it’s a start.” Ken Levine, of BioShock and System Shock 2 fame, wrote an interesting review of Shadow of Mordor this week in which he praises its novel ability to tell stories that players “build for themselves simply by playing the game.” Read it over at Matter.

What System Shock 2's Greatest Scene Would Look Like Today

There’s a horrifying scene PC gamers of a certain generation will never forget. It takes place midway through System Shock 2, the predecessor to BioShock and, to many who played it, the scariest game ever made. One fan has been hard at work recreating the game’s iconic plot-twist, and it looks scarier than ever.

BioShock's Terrifying Predecessor Turns 15 Today

Before there was BioShock, there was System Shock 2. The first full title produced by Irrational Games when it was still a tiny spin-off from Looking Glass Studios, this terrifying hybrid of a first person shooter and RPG first came out 15 years ago today. Let’s all remember in turn just how scared we were when we first stepped into the Von Braun spaceship.

An Artist Is Faithfully Recreating System Shock 2's Greatest Scene

Playing System Shock 2 is a frightening experience, and no moment is quite as shocking as seeing the face of the villain SHODAN for the first time. Now, one modeler is taking the time to render that scene in all its glory (Spoilers ahead).

This Is What The Little Sisters In BioShock Started Out As

Briefly: Who would have guessed that this is what the Little Sisters inBioShock started out as? Eurogamer just published a thorough report on the origins of the seminal first person shooter that’s worth a close read.

System Shock 2 Is Now Available On

It’s been a long time coming — the folks at GOG have claimed that System Shock 2 was the most requested game to be brought onto the service, considering how difficult it was to actually find and play the game on modern PCs. But now the game is available for purchase at $9.99US.

Whoah, System Shock 2 And Thief 2 Just Got Surprise Patches

Surprise! Out of almost thin air, a pair of unofficial patches have been released for PC classics System Shock 2 and Thief 2 that not only allow the games to be safely played on modern hardware, but look great while they’re doing it.

Permanent Consequences Up BioShock Infinite's Difficulty Like It's 1999

Today’s gamers crave choice. Choice in how they progress through a game; choice on how they develop their character. The gamers of 13 years ago needed not these things, which is why Irrational Games is including the punishing 1999 Mode in BioShock Infinite.