System Shock 2 Is Getting Its Own ‘Enhanced Edition’

While we’re still waiting for the full remake of System Shock 1 from Night Dive Studios, the remaster house had a nice announcement out of the blue: System Shock 2 is getting an “Enhanced Edition” of its own.

The original System Shock got an “enhanced edition” back in 2015, which was basically a touch-up of the Looking Glass classic with support for higher resolutions, mouselook and some remappable controls. It wasn’t a full remaster the way most people understand, but made the game vastly more playable on modern systems, with the lower-half of the HUD removed to allow for vastly more screen space.

Night Dive hasn’t published any gameplay footage of the remaster yet, but given that it’ll supposedly be out “soon”, chances are we’ll see something before too long. Gut says there’s a solid chance of a sneaky trailer for the game dropping during the new press conference that’s being held during Gamescom, but we’ll keep you posted.

[referenced url=”” thumb=”” title=”System Shock Gets Its First Fan-Made Campaign Mod, 24 Years Later” excerpt=”A remake of the 1994 game System Shock by Night Dive Studios is due out sometime in the next few years, but fans who don’t want to wait can revisit the space horror game now in System Shock: ReWired, the first ever total campaign mod for the classic game.”]


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