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Your Strategy Guide To Life

Real life is the game that everyone is playing. But it can be tough. This is your guide.

You Can't Play Titanfall On PS4 -- But You Can Watch It

Well, that’s one way to put Titanfall on the PS4, I guess. The channel Epic Reset Gaming (YouTube, Twitch) got the idea to share Titanfall with PlayStation 4 gamers through, once again, the magic of The Playroom, ostensibly an augmented reality game using your living room as the play space.

Madden's Ratings Back Up Richard Sherman's Trash Talk

Seattle’s Richard Sherman didn’t just swat away San Francisco’s shot at a Super Bowl, he also crapped all over the 49ers’ Michael Crabtree in a postgame interview straight out of Piper’s Pit. Sherman mocked Crabtree’s credentials while boasting of his own. So I wondered: Is there any objective proof for his claims?

Yes, You Can Also Win Mario Party: Island Tour By Doing Nothing.

Yes, you can also win Mario Party: Island Tour by doing nothing. Like Mario Party 9 and Super Smash Bros. Melee and Global Thermonuclear War in Wargames — the only winning move is not to play. [Video by StreetPass Princeton, N.J.]

Meet BaneDad -- The Inevitable Arch-Nemesis Of BatDad

Surely you have heard of BatDad by now. He’s had a Today Show appearance. He’s had a ‘Shop Contest. He even has an agent, or so we’ve heard (from said agent). But every superhero needs an archnemesis. That’s why we now have BaneDad.

Every Single Hat In Team Fortress 2, Worn By A Single Character: This Is Only A Tiny Snapshot Of All

Every Single Hat in Team Fortress 2, Worn by a Single Character: This is only a tiny snapshot of all 40-lebem-sebemty-thirteen TF2 hats that Spy has equipped, all at once, in a drawing by DeviantArt’s AshleyLange. Trust me, the stack goes up way, way, higher than this. Can you identify them all? This guy tried.

Potato Girl Loves Their Hash Browns: Who Knew That Denny's Were Such Big Fans Of Attack On Titan?

Potato Girl Loves Their Hash Browns: Who knew that Denny’s were such big fans of Attack on Titan? After someone sent the diner chain a picture of “Potato Girl,” calling her “your mascot,” Denny’s Twitter account sent out this scrumptious mash-up.

A Real Man Knows How To Turn On The N64 And Push Its Buttons (NSFW)

Well, now. this video gets a big ole George Takei “Oh my …” It’s just someone doing suggestive things to a Nintendo 64 controller, is that NSFW? Well, yeah, because I’d probably get arrested for showing it to a minor.

Say Happy Valve-entine's With This Delightful Card Series

Portal is a natural theme for Valentine’s Day, as we saw with these cards Valve released in 2011 before Portal 2‘s arrival. This one is the best of a Valve-themed series done by Tumblr user applenail.

Let's Go Apartment Hunting In Gotham City With DC Universe Online

In July I moved back to my hometown to buy a house. After nearly 20 years of renting, I was grateful to never again worry about upstairs neighbours, proximity to a laundromat, rent increases, security deposits or apartment hunting.

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