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Check Out Special Operations Forces Studios' New Shooter

The studio that made the SOCOM series went kaput in early 2012. Its alumni re-formed into Special Operations Forces Studios and now bring you H-Hour: World’s Elite, which, as this video shows, is right in their wheelhouse of third-person tactical military shooters.

SOCOM 4, MAG To Lose Multiplayer Services In Early 2014

Womp, womp: Sony has announced that SOCOM 4 and MAG, the two military shooters that never managed to become quite as successful as they would’ve liked, will be losing online multiplayer support early next year.

Sony Confirms Shut Down Of Developer Behind SOCOM And MAG

As first reported last week by Kotaku, Zipper Interactive, the studio behind PS3-exclusive shooters like MAG and the SOCOM series, has been closed.

Unit 13's Stealth Gameplay On PlayStation Vita

Our previous glimpses at Zipper Interactive’s Handheld social shooter focused on Unit 13‘s firefights and social network elements. But a new demo video from the CES floor focuses on the sneakier side of thing in by highlighting the military action title’s Covert missions.

Unit 13 Proves PS Vita Can Deliver Full-Console Experience

People love Nathan Drake. And it’s safe to say that Uncharted: Golden Abyss will be the premiere adventure title for the Vita. However, it’s looking like Unit 13 — from Zipper Interactive, the developer behind SOCOM and MAG — will the one you’ll want to sate that thirst for Rainbow Six-style antics.

See How Unit 13 Brings Touch-Happy Tactical Shooting To The PlayStation Vita

Here’s a look at the upcoming portable from the makers of the SOCOM games. You’ll see how the same kind of tactical focus has been revisited and rebuilt for a portable and more social experience, as previously noted by our own Stephen Totilo. With the fact that the Vita’s a dual-stick handheld, this could be a shooter that feels like the ones made for consoles do, but one with intriguing network features that make it stand apart, too. Unit 13 will hit during PlayStation Vita’s launch window, which opens on Feb. 22 of next year.

Brand New Vita Shooter Fires Out Debut Trailer

Unit 13 is the new shooter from Zipper Interactive, the studio behind most of the SOCOM games.

SOCOM Team Delivers Unit 13 To PS Vita Launch Lineup

Zipper Interactive is bringing the full weight of its shooter expertise to bear on the PlayStation Vita early next year with Unit 13, a competitive and cooperative third-person shooter custom made for Sony’s touchy handheld.

SOCOM 4 Pro Assault Pack Gives You More Guns, More Places To Shoot

Zipper Interactive has released a new DLC pack for SOCOM 4: U.S. Navy Seals. The “Pro Assault Pack” includes three new maps and two new guns and is absolutely free, for registered SOCOM Pro members. [SOCOM Blog]

SOCOM Studio Hit With Layoffs; Sony Calls Them Routine

Scuttlebutt has it that the Sony Computer Entertainment studio Zipper Interactive, maker of combat shooters MAG and the SOCOM series, lost several employees in a round of layoffs today. Reached for comment, a Sony spokesperson confirmed layoffs at Zipper, characterizing them as “normal business practice and a result of cutting back on production resources after the launch of two major franchises.” Sony would not specify how many positions were lost.

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