Check Out Special Operations Forces Studios’ New Shooter

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The studio that made the SOCOM series went kaput in early 2012. Its alumni re-formed into Special Operations Forces Studios and now bring you H-Hour: World’s Elite, which, as this video shows, is right in their wheelhouse of third-person tactical military shooters.

SOF Studios cautions this is all pre-alpha. “Nothing has been tuned yet. Really, nothing is tuned yet. Pretty much no tuning,” reads the disclaimer. Take that for what you will. The project successfully met a $US200,000 Kickstarter goal (raising $US252,000) back in the summer. They’re showing their work to you now.


  • “Nothing has been tuned yet. Really, nothing is tuned yet. Pretty much no tuning,”

    Yet people will expect it.

  • Was always sad when Zipper went under. MAG was an underrated gem that I poured hundreds of hours into.

    I felt so sorry for them when SOCOM 4 came out on pretty much the same day PSN went down for 6 weeks. Six weeks is enough to bury a game these days – no access to co-op or multi, and by the time PSN was back up, most people would have already forgotten about it.

    Shame, really. Unit 13 on Vita was a lot of fun too.

  • I miss tactical shooters. Tom Clancy’s Future Soldier was originally a tactical, stealth and strategy like shooter. But the original concept was scrapped and it became a cookie cutter action shooter and Ubisoft commented that they wanted it to compete with the AAA shooters out there such as Battlefield and Call of Duty. I saw the original E3 trailer, preordered it and didn’t look at it again as I didn’t want anything to be spoiled. Turns out the game I took home was waaayyy different to the game I saw. Haven’t seen a tactical offering since.

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