Bee Movie Game Not B-Grade?

Bee Movie Game Not B-Grade?

I’ll be honest – I’ve never played a Dreamworks Animation game. Say, anything to do with Shrek, for example. I can’t imagine that I ever would.

Bee Movie, on the other hand, did hold my interest when Activision showed it off at Activate Asia in Cairns recently. It’s more than just based on the Jerry Seinfeld-helmed movie of the same name. From what was shown, aptly-named developer Beenox has gone to the trouble of recreating the events in the film, blow-by-blow, for the PC and console title – with the help of Seinfeld, no less.

It should go down well with the little ones, even if the resulting product is extremely linear, and I reckon it wouldn’t be too bad for a single play through.

Here’s a gallery of PC and PS2 shots for your perusal.


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