Ken Levine Sets Course For Lair, Raises Deflector Shields

2K Australia/2K Boston’s big man is willing to stand against the waves of critical abuse being tossed developer Factor 5’s way over the somewhat obtuse controls of their glorified dragon flying simulator, Lair. has an interview with the BioShock designer, where he states:

“Let me speak in these guys’ defense for a minute as a game developer. I’m sure somebody came to them at some point and said, ‘We have this motion control controller, and we have to make a go of it. And we really think you should try to make your game exclusively on that.’”

It’s not exactly a stunning retort, and maybe there’s some truth in his words, but I doubt it’s going to do much for Lair‘s aggregrated score of 58% on

BioShock Dev Defends Lair Motion Controls [GameDaily]


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