Spot A Deal? Let Us Know!

Spot A Deal? Let Us Know!

Aussie Kotakuite Duskbringer made an excellent suggestion in his comment on Luke’s Aussie sales chart post:

Maybe we should have some sort of AU deal/bundle watch up in here.

We’ll be keeping an eye out on our side, but if you wander into EB, JB Hi-Fi or even your local games shop, and spot a sweet deal or bundle, send an email to [email protected] with the details and the best will be posted on the site.

Nice one Duskbringer!


  • There’s hardly anymore cheap games nowadays IMHO. The best deal I’ve spotted recently would probably be Eledees (WII) for $50 at EBGames.

  • I don’t understand how EB stays in business, beyond the ignorance of consumers. They sell second hand games (I shop for PS3) for $100 that you can buy brand new, and for under $100, at almost any other store. They offer to match prices if advertised, but I’d rather give my business to stores that offer decent prices to begin with. In Melbourne, that’s usually JB or Dungeon Crawl.

  • Yeah I bought Eledees for $50 last week. I love it! EB also have Mercury Meltdown Wii for $30 Bucks and Dick Smith Have Red Steel for $49.95 until the 15th of October!

  • I did this a few months ago…

    Went into EB and wanted a wiimote, but they didn’t have any, so I bought the Wii Play package and got $10 credit for the game, and the controller actually came out $5 cheaper. Now I dunno the prices on the controllers anymore, so if they’ve changed, you do the math 🙂

  • Best I’ve come across recently has to be that EB are (were?) offering a deal where you trade in 3 360 games for a copy of Halo 3, or $20 more and get the Limited Edition.
    And yet right on the discount table next to the counter are 360 games for $20 – $25 thanks to a 50% sale.
    They might as well sell Halo 3 for $60! No sane person would pass up an opportunity like that!

  • I heard about a deal going at Game (at least in Victoria) where if you trade in a PS2 and ten games you get a Wii for $99. I haven’t confirmed it personally, but it’s looking legit.

    I also heard that JB Hifi had Halo 3 for $80 (assuming there are still people who don’t own it).

  • I wish I had $185 to spend on video games 🙁 ESPECIALLY of our superior Australian polymer notes *patriotism welling up* 😛

  • There are plenty of cheap games if you look hard enough, usually older titles though.

    This is a great idea. Next time I go for a lunchtime wander I’ll hit all the game selling stores in Canberra City and try to remember to email in any decent deals

  • I was wondering what on earth our currency was doing on Kotaku. XD

    I picked up Valkyrie Profile 2 at JB last Friday for $65.

  • Cheers, Mr Booker. I understand that there’s sites dedicated to this sort of thing, but I rarely remember to check them and why pass up the opportunity to be informed?
    @P.P.BOHNER: I’m also angry about the EB 2nd hand games. I’ve seen 2nd hand copies of Dead Rising going for around $80 when it’s now a “classics range” title. It’s pure profit for them and sad to think that some people just see the yellow stickers and assume they’re getting a good deal.
    My bargain of the day: Halo3 standard ed at BigW $79.

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