Community Kudos

It's Friday. Hurray! Also - it's Community Kudos!

Today was a strange week. A week of crazy highs and some pretty intense lows. The R18+ deal was sewn up, which was awesome, but then we got news that THQ was closing a couple of Aussie studios, which obviously sucks.

And locally, in the Kotaku community, it was also a bit of a Rollercoaster. We've never been more active, hitting over 3500 comments in Talk Amongst Yourselves, but on the other hand a couple of folks got some bad news this week.

Yet, what's great about this community, though, is the way we all rally around each other. It's great to know that there is a group of folks here that can help each other out when things get a little tough.

On the whole, however, it seems as though our little insta-comments experiment is going mostly well, except for that moment when that one dude was a bit racist and removing the comment made everything fall apart - but thankfully the TadMod got that fixed!

I want to remind you guys that you should totally use the report button - if you're not sure whether you should use it in a certain situation, just use it. The report button doesn't trash the comment, it just sends it through to me for re-approval. Using it really helps us keep the community as awesome as it is. I'm really paranoid about typical internet jerk-wads coming in and ruining the Kotaku Australia party.

With that said, let's get this Kudos thing kicking.

- We have a nom for Grandmaster B-Funk from Dawdle, for giving away Starcraft 2 and World of Warcraft passes.

- I missed out Effluvium Boy's nomination from Strange last week like an idiot, so I'm adding it to this week's noms!

- We also had a good few nominations for Tech Knight, mainly for being brave and awesome enough to talk about some of his. In the words of JamesMag, "He's very brave, and deserves to be shown how much the Kotaku community love and support him."

Well said dude!

- But this week's Community Kudos goes to Welbot. I won't go into too much detail, but the guy is going through a difficult time right now, and I want him to know that everyone here is behind him. Good luck mate, we're all here for you dude, and if you need someone to talk to just let me know, or any of the great number of friends you have here for that matter. Thanks to Jimu for the nom.

Hope it all works out.

See you guys next week - have a great weekend!

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    Good call Mark, and best wishes to Welbot.

    Congratulations Welbot, you deserve the kudos. I hope you manage to get everything sorted out. If you ever need a sympathetic ear/keyboard, everyone here will be willing to help. That's the beauty of the Kotaku community.

    As I am sure many, many, many more comments will say, we are all here for you Wellbot. Stay strong and know we are but a TAY away.

    Hugs and high-fives where appropriate.
    That's... kind of a guy with one arm outstretched, receptive for a hug, with the other arm in the air... or something.

    OMG... i'm so glad i'm not live streaming to the web right now, cos you'd all see me crying like a baby. I have more to say, but i need to go compose myself again.. bbs

      *man hugs*

      Well I have no idea who you are but it sounds like things are pretty shit for you right now, I hope it gets better soon.

      wow ok.. long pause.. bit longer than I expected, but oh wells. The loveley Strange opened her door to me for a shoulder to cry on, and it was an offer I just couldn't refuse. Kudos to her and D-man for that. I'm not usually one to go dumping all my crap on someone, but I guess I needed it. I've been so alone the past few days it was nice to use my voice instead of my fingers for a while. That's thanks in part to LittleJJ for pushing away my best friend in the world just bacause she didn't like his new gf, but that's a whole chapter of life ago some of you may remeber.
      Seriously though.. you guys.. YOU FUCKERS MADE ME CRY!!! :0 when I read this post, I was in part mortified that my dirty laundry had been aired to the world, but moreso ABSOLUTELY AMAZED at the love this community holds within it. Speaking to Strange tonight really did make it sink in just how much of a family we are here, and I mean that not only for people that I have had the pleasure to meet in person, but even those who I only know in font. It's so easy to gloss over the fact that these words we write here actually hold meaning in our hearts. We all gather here with a topic of interest and amuse ourselves by joking about this game and that with each other, and it's fantastic! When I see your handle and the words that follow on after it, I get this little image in my head of the person. Sometimes real cos I've met them, but sometimes it's just based on the letters that make up the name. But it doesn't change the way I feel about the words that follow on from that. So many internet community's are filled with trolls and assholes, and I guess that goes with the territory, but I just have to commend Kotaku. For the longest time I've always praised this community due to it's friendly welcoming nature, and you all deserve every word I've said, but today, you guys really need to give yourselves a gold medal. This really takes the cake. The love I've felt from you all this week has just blown me away, and it's impacted on my life in a way I will never forget. This kudos should go out to all of you for being so awesome!

      TL;DR I love you guys!

        I wonder how other people think of each others "appearance". I, for one, view you as the robot that Sughly drew you as everytime I see the welbot name. But more to the point, you've summarised pretty much why everyone loves this place. Take care welbot!

        Well said brother bot. We always stick together no matter what.

    Forgot to get my noms in, but it seems Jimu's got my back.
    I hope that everyones crappy week is over and let's just hope AP was pulling a Q-bo....
    Eeeeeewwww i just pictured that :)

      And I really tried not to picture it but you made it impossible. D:

        I'm so glad I never seen those two's faces!

        All i'm picturing now is one of those amusing playboy strips with lots of large breatsed womaen about, it makes the man pulling so much more bearable!

          I hoped he was pulling a me as well, I kept scrolling down... but... sadness! :-(

    Congrats Welbot!

    Mark - will there be a report button added to the mobile site anytime soon?

      Good call - will check up on this when I go to Ben's house for homemade pizza tonight. BOOYA for homemade pizza.

        Damnit man, where's the meme links!
        We need to send this thing all over the internet

    I'm throwing in a token nom for Dr. WHAT!?
    I have been consitently losing control of my bladder this week because of your zany ramblings.
    Seriously... There is urine EVERYWHERE!
    Bear Grylls wouldn't know where to start (Probably by sucking it out of the carpet - but that's just a guess, he's the pro)

    Also, Welbot, *solemn fist-bump*. Hang in there, Sport.

    Also, Tech & Big Cheese, you guys moved me.

    Also, thanks for the nom, Strange! Getting a mention in CK is like the TAY equivalent of these

    Also, I'm using also a lot in honour of Blaghman.

    *Hugs all 'round*

      I love how pretty much no one will pick up on who Big Cheese is :P

        More of us pay attention than you realise....

          Oh noes! My secret identity has been uncovered!

          Particularly you, Strange.

          I can't remember your exact wording, but in the Marky Mark speed dating post you said something about not commenting much, but reading everything.

            Strange is like the Oracle from the Matrix.
            If I ever visit I expect a cookie.
            And a pie with caesar salad :P
            (I'll try not to break any vases)

    Welbot, you went through the toughest struggles before, you'll get through! Remember we're always here for you : )

    Man! Mark and Jimu, legends! I was thinking of nomming him for kudo's, but didn't know if I should or not, but to see it up here, is just damn awesome! Always here for you welbot sir! *hugs*

    I may have missed something here, but why doesn't that shark have a laser beam?

      Because that would be ridiculous, sharks dont have lazer beems!

        You've never seen freaking sharks? With laser beams?


    I am a happy chappy, hope that you can be too, Welbo!

    *feels the love*

    I love this community, so much. Grats to everybody.

    Oh and Mark... >=D

    Great tags, and good luck for next week everyone.

      Oh shit, what a fail comment.

      Congratulations Welbot, we're here for you, but you already knew that, and thank you Techy, it means a lot that you were willing to say that stuff in an open area, even if nobody else will actually read it.

    Keep on trucking welbot, we all are here for you especially strange cause she is a mum to everyone. Also where is my juice mommy strange. Lol. Also techy you seemed to have gone through some hard stuff back i'n high school but you still turned out a awesome dude. I still remember the weeks on end it was just me and you on teamspeak and we never really ran out of things to say.

    Welbot is one of the greatest machines I know, always gonna be here for you mate.

    Also thanks to everybody who offered the kind words, it really touched my power supply like no other humans have done before in so many years. I can't remember the last time I talked about such a subject in my past, but since the subject was pulled up in the "Tell Us Dammit" post, I thought I had to get it off my chestplate, even if it's for a little while since I can never truly be rid of bad memories. Regardless, thank you all for taking the time to read it, you're all the greatest :)

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