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Wow. You guys have been on fire this week. I don't think I can remember ever seeing as many comments on Kotaku, and it's really great to see the community growing and being involved with it. Thanks everyone.

I'd like to thank everyone who got involved in the Assassin's Creed comp - the replies were absolutely hilarious, and if you missed it you have to head here and check out some of the best replies.

This time round however, there could only be one winner. This guy was nominated by two different people.

The chap in question has had it rough folks. He's survived through four RRODs and now sticks solely to the PlayStation. Despite the horrors in his gaming life, he has never given up on the spirit of generosity. In the comments section of last week's Community Kudos he let everyone know that he had a 360 steering wheel gathering dust and offered it for free to anyone who wanted to come and pick it up.

That man is f4cti0n, and the wheel is now in the hands of Chuloops who, along with NotoriousR, nominated him for this week's Community Kudos.

Congratulations f4cti0n, and get in contact with us to receive your prize! We'll make sure we don't send you anything 360 related!

Thanks everyone for another great week! Oh, and let's get the Talk Amongst Yourselves comments up to 400 - let's do this thing!


    True legend that bloke! What a champ!! enjoy the wheel Loop-oop-a-doop!

    Well deserved indeed, f4cti0n! Good on you for giving away your wheel, it's a great thing to do!

    Nice work f4cti0n!
    If it makes you feel better, I've had 3 RRODs and 3 YLODs. You are not alone.

    RROD on me once, shame on you.

    RROD on me twice...

    You lucky duck f4cti0n!

    If this were a radio station (which it's not) and it had a friday f-wit segment (which it doesn't) - I'd nominate myself - for laughing at the use of the word 'mum' in an article the other week. I've since come to learn this word means 'silent; not saying a word: to keep mum.'

    So joke's on me. Happy gaming this weekend folks!

      I loved this post. I don't know why, but I just did.

    Big congratulations to you f4cti0n!!! It was a super nice thing to do, and should rightly be rewarded, which it has, which is good!

    I just thought of something!
    If f4ction won a steering wheel off Kotaku and subsequently gave that away too, continuing the loop, he'll be the eternal winner of Community Kudos!

    Congrats, f4ction!

    Man that's enough to make anyone feel bad. I *Spin around three times, spit, touch wood, curse, prayer to every known god including Kojima, dance the thriller dance and weep* have never had an RROD. Every time though I bring it up I wince when ever I put my 360 on. Had it for 3 years, still alive. Any money now it decides to do a Mufasa on me...

    Well done f4cti0n!!

    Generosity pays off! :D

    Yeah that's awesome - so glad he god it - congrats man!

    Thanks to everyone, especially Loops and NotoriousR for the nomination :) Mark, should I contact you via Kotaku's facebook or is there an email addy I should have noticed? :x

    Thanks all, this is by far the best gaming community I'm involved in.

    I've also got more stuff to give away, so if anyone wants wireless controllers and some games send me an email at [email protected]

    Bye all, have a good weekend :D

    Awesome stuff! I've only had 1 RRoD but I know what a painful experience it can be! Congrats mate!

    And you legends on here, don't forget to Like Kotaku Au on Facebook so we can beat those techy-nerds at Gizmodo! Mark will get his free lunch, and hopefully that translates to more prizes and lapdances for us loyal readers.. Right Mark ??

      i'll settle for the prizes. virtual lapdances from mark? I... don't think so.

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