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This feels strange. I'm actually having to write this Community Kudos in advance, given that I'm actually leaving tomorrow for a mad camping trip, without games. How the hell am I supposed to get Street Pass hits in the middle of a forest? Geeze. Anyway - on to more important things - Community Kudos.

We had a couple of nominations this week. Strange nominated Dcz12 (sorry if this isn't your name, I had a hard time finding your comments) and we also had a nomination for Adam Ruch, from Trjn, for his well written look at the differences in perspective in games.

Both worthy winners, but this time round I'm going to go with Adam Ruch, mainly because I loved the intelligent discussion the piece provided in the comments, and because Adam is a consistently awesome poster who goes under the radar a little.

Personally, I want to give a shout out to everyone who attended the Kotaku meet last Saturday. I had an absolute blast. Particular thanks got to 'Sir' Eats-a-lot and Fat Shady for doing the hard yards and organising it, but each and every single person there helped make it a really great laugh.

Thanks everyone, I hope we can do it again at some point in the future!

Have a great Easter weekend folks!

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    Yay Adam! Loved the article myself. Was a good read! And big LOL @ tags!

    Well deserved Adam, it was an awesome read, I really hope you make more in the future :)

    *looking at the tags and jaw drops at there being a third girl in the Kotaku kommunity now* Crikey! xD

      I'm pretty sure there's more incognito girls out there. Just probably not as incognito as using "Sir" in their name.

      And congrats Adam Ruch! I enjoyed your perspective piece greatly.

      Sorry dzc12, I was in a hurry and dyslexicised your name when I nominated you!

    Well deserved :) Great article. Congrats Adam.

    YAY! I'm a tag!

    Congrats Adam. Well deserved win.

    Thanks guys, I actually really appreciate the feedback and stuff. Sometimes thesis-writing is a lonely business so this community helps keep me enthusiastic :)

    I will totally be up for a meet-up next time... I've had a hell of a week. New puppy and just about tore my LCL and dislocated my knee a few days ago. Anyway, thanks.

    Always liked what Adam had to say. Looking forward to when his postgrad work is complete.

      You and me both >.<

    Congrats Adam. I think Kotaku ate my comments on your piece, but i really enjoyed it (and agreed).

    Congrats everyone involved... have a good few days off.

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