Community Kudos

Community Kudos is a new post I'll be making every Friday, just to highlight some awesome people, awesome posts, and to make some general observations on the week that was in the world of Kotaku AU.

It's been a great first week for me, and I've had a blast going through all your comments - a handful genuinely made me laugh out loud. Thanks for making me feel welcome, and thanks for checking out the Sale of the Century feature - was really happy with the response, and there was some really insightful comments in there.

That being said, on with the show...

Kudos Qumulys: For somehow randomly guessing that my old Counter Strike name was 'Markosaurus'. James Mac: For successfully using Scottish slang in a post. Welbot: Happy Birthday, hope you get some games to go along with that one PlayStation Move controller! Tama: For being the only person I have ever known who actually bought a Nintendo Wii from Rebel Sports! Strange: For not getting mad when I mistook her for a guy... twice! Chuloopa: For quietly correcting me... twice!

As a reward, to satiate my guilt (and to wish her good luck in her Guitar Hero competition), we'll be sending Strange this C.Viper Street Fighter 4 figure. Strange, just send me a quick email to [email protected] with your address and I'll send it off!

Thanks guys, and see you all next week!


    Squee!!! I winned something! What's that? No, I'm not crying, there's something in my eye.

    *surreptitiously wipes her eyes and crosses Sir Serrels off the list*


        Nice work Strange! All because he stuffed up... Hang on... This IS rather embarassing on Mikes part, perhaps we now have a lead on his nick-name!!
        Mark The Crying GameR!!!

        Yep congrats. You win for being a champ. So from now on you get free stuff. Win win for you.

        I like the post also. We all like to be noticed. But I am dissspointed q-Bos comment about the fish mouth didnt win anything. I would have given you something. Lol.

          You can mount me an example taxedermy style :D The purple headed barracuda would look ace on a wall, and would double as a pen holder :D


    I can see this as the beginning of a beautiful friendship!

    What an absolute champion. This week has been an absolute blast, and dare i say that i am actually now having even more fun here than ever before! :D

    Thanks for the kudos, and i'm sure you don't need me to tell you C. Viper is a girl too. Don't let that suit fool you :)

    Keep up the great work, Mike Squirrels!

    xoxo ;)

    Not so subtle way for Mark to get Strange's home address ey?

    I like your style!

      Candidate for next week's community kudos right here!

      I wonder if a Vega figure exists as well?

    I like you, sir. You're adding another awesome ingredient into the already amazing Kotaku community.


      Agree. Have really enjoyed Markosaurus' posts so far.

    hehe awesome stuff! Nice work on the figurine Strange! Perhaps Mark would be better off keeping the figure for himself and pasting a "Strange" nametag on it so he doesn't forget you're a girl again though ;)

    Thanks for the B'day wishes too Mark! I hope I get some games to go with it too, but I also need to get the starter kit first so my ps3 will actually recognize I have the controller first ;)

    I thought we built Hadrian's Wall to keep the Scots out... :P

    I'd imagine that much of the Scottish slang from the more southern regions would be intermingled with the English slang of the Northeast? If so, then I'll have no problems understanding the ramblings, as my parents are from Newcastle-upon-Tyne.
    And as long as your Scottish accent isn't as bad as your look-alike Simon Pegg's was in Star Trek XI...

      Oh, and you'd better get used to seeing familiar names in these posts. Chuloopa, Qumulys, welbot, Strange, NotoriousR and a few others seem to be... prolific...

        Dammit, I wasn't on the list.

        I try to be prophylactic... but I think I'm doing it wrong.

          Ribbed? no wait, your doing it all wrong!

            I'm not sure... I do taste like strawberry's.

            Is it bad that I glow in the dark too?

    It was nothing.

    Also... nice picture, we need more group hugs.

    Ok time to implement operation "tall poppy syndrome" for the teachers pet ;)

    Also can anyone help me evertime I try to sign out my fiancees facebook account it doesn't work so I continue to post as a person who has no interest in games.

    Love Dean

    LOL mark!

    Just wanted to say that your articles are pretty epic and always interesting to read. However your introductions to the game reviews just aren't as sharp as wildgoose! Considering thats the only 'fault' i can find, great first week!

    I know the suggestion posts ended a long time ago. but can we do some photoshop contests just for the kick of it like the US kotaku does?

    i have to say, I like Mike's style! he puts up with everything well, and gives out prizes to boot!

    Nice way to satisfy the masses mate, good karma is hard to come by sometimes.

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