Wii Meets Metroid, eBay

ps3hdd.jpg Not much for the shiny cases or even just the plain white? Well, it might take a little more time compared to replacing a chassis - depending on how artistic you are (or how good you are with a dremel) - but this Metroid-inspired Wii mod takes the cake in terms of cool console creations.

If you can't be bothered working for it, that's okay - you can buy this baby on eBay, right now. Hit the link below for more info.

Samus Wii Mod Tucks, Rolls, Explodes With Goodness [Gizmodo AU]


    Cool Mod.

    Main reason for commenting though. Is there nobody in Oz that comments? Where's all the banter?

    It is a cool mod.

    Maybe the few australian's who actually come here don't post because nobody else posts?


    Im an aussie.. Just found this site..

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