A Crysis Movie?

A Crysis Movie?

crysisannounce.jpgIn a interview with Norwegian-based site ITavisen, Crytek VP Faruk Yerli let slip that the developer is looking to make a movie based on its upcoming Direct3D 10 shooter.

Yes, we have hired writers from Hollywood, we have actually gotten many offers concerning a movie already, we can’t talk about it now, but we are hoping to make a Crysis movie soon.

It’s not really a declaration that things are a go, but if they’re keen to do it and the resources are there, what’s to stop them (apart from Uwe Boll)?

And before you check, no, there’s nothing on IMDB.

ITavisen – Faruk Yerli Interview pt. 2 [ITavisen, via inCrysis]


  • He’s already doing the Farcry movie, but I’m putting that down to a bad decision on Ubisofts behalf. Crytek seem a lot smarter and focused on delivering an innovative and cinematic experience. I very much doubt they would look at any of his previous films and think anything but harmful thoughts towards him.

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