Wrap-o-matic: Wednesday Night

Zero Puntuation Takes On Tabula Rasa
Comedy gold as always. Hard to listen to though, as I have a soft spot for old man Garriott.

Xbox 360 “Jasper” is Coming Next?
So much for “no comment” then. Thanks a lot Microsoft.

Mass Effect Alien Primer
Because if anything needs a good priming, it’s an alien.

Gears, Unreal Art Director Lands Thundercats Movie
Not sure if this is a good or bad thing. I love Thundercats… so I’m going with good.

Wii Firmware 3.1 Brings Keyboard Support
Mii start typing? That’s a yes.

Know Your TF2 Classes
Engineer and Pyro were always my favourite. Oh, and that grenade guy.

New Wii SKU Isn’t A New Hardware Configuration
Unsurprisingly, the Wii will remain a GameCube in a white box.

Nintendo’s Fall Conference Round-Up
So much Nintendo content you’ll want to commit suicide!

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