This Is What Triple SLI Looks Like

This Is What Triple SLI Looks Like

triplesli.jpgA team of utterly mad Germans over at PC enthusiast hardware site PCGH have got themselves three of NVIDIA’s GeForce 8800 Ultras and plugged them into the one motherboard.

Like I said, utterly mad.

There’s no mention of which motherboard they’re using, but I’m assuming it’s a reference design from NVIDIA. The cards were paired with a quad-core Intel Q6850 and benchmarked using FEAR, Company of Heroes and Crysis.

You’ll find a pretty graph with Crysis benchmarks after the jump.

PCGH-Hands-on-Test: NVIDIA’s 3-Wege-SLI [PCGH, via Blue’s News] triplesli_crysis.jpgThe performance increase of three cards isn’t as significant as the boost from two. Crysis however manages an extra 10fps or so, which equates to a 33% improvement. It also shows that Crysis was not designed with current generation hardware in mind.


  • There’s also a brief mention of triple-SLI in the current issue of Atomic (January 2008, p45) for anyone that’s interested.

    Anyone knows that threesomes (of one kind or another) are usually good things…

    And no, I don’t work for them, just subscribe to the mag.

    So relax…

  • @Peter G: I wouldn’t worry so much about the “work for them” thing. I used to be editor up until 3-4 months ago!

  • That’s odd. What kind of motherboard has x16 PCI-E lanes, what are they using? I wasn’t even aware nVidia had any sort of TriSLi in either their drivers, or even the SLi bridge.

  • I just ordered my last 8800Ultra as of today. I have a Striker Extreme with MSI 8800Ultras clocked at 660. My CPU is clocked at 3.33Ghz and SLI enabled 4GB of Corsair Dominator is clocked at 1066Mhz. I have running Windows Vista Ultimate 64-bit.

    In about a week I will have my dream Machine of 07-08 with TRI-SLI MSI 8800Ultras. The fastest Videocards out there. Money isn’t a problem with my Job and My Hobbie being the same. I will post a Video on Youtube mid Jan 08. God I hope the Cosmos case can handle 3 of those Bastards.

    Just think World of Warcraft at 10000 FPS lol jk

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