Wrap-o-matic: Over the (Long) Weekend

Including Monday, there was a heap of content from the US to bring across from the Australia Day long weekend. It should keep you busy for, oh, ten minutes?

First Look At Tiberium On GT TV
EA’s upcoming FPS based in the C&C universe comes up for air.

80GB PS3 Not Dying, But Being Reborn Bigger?
Is a new bundle with a bigger hard drive and Dual Shock 3 controllers on the way?

SSBB Shipping With Showstopper Bug?
Scary bug could put a damper on SSBB sales.

Wii Boobs (So Old), Dreamcast Moobs (So New)
Extremely NSFW. Well, the second clip anyway. The first one should come with complementary eye bleach.

Turok Teammate Killing Feature Patched Out
I can’t believe this was seriously considered. There’s enough jerks online as it is without giving them a reason to be stupid.

Three Vibe Hands-On With Rez HD
Get your vibration on with Q Entertainment’s Rez HD.

EA vs Fox: Lawrence Recants Mass Effect Judgement
Admitting that you’re a little light in the brains department won’t make it any better.

Kotaku Originals: From EA vs Fox to Kotaku Krafts
Originals, originals and more originals from Kotaku!

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