Wrap-o-matic: Monday Night

GameSpot Loses One More Editor
The drops are quickly turning into a flood. Soon there won’t be anyone around to write the reviews! At least its sales team will be happy.

Pure Energy: A Critical Look At Energy Drinks
I love energy drinks. Love them. I think they’re making me go blind, but it’s a pumped blind. Oh yeah.

New PS3 Bundle Coming To Australia
Would you like an extra controller and a game with your big shiny console?

Xbox 360 Elite Turned into Halo 3 Laptop
Ben Heck is the man. Personally I want him to hack all the consoles into one mega console. To rule them all, or something like that.

Now this is interesting. I know that NVIDIA already has a competent grasp of Havok’s hardware-accelerated physics middleware and the tech is included in all its latest cards. So I’m not complete sure what NVIDIA has to gain by doing this. A smarter move would have been to pick up Havok.


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