ATI Catalyst 8.2 Drivers, You Know You Want Them

atiCatalyst.jpgJust because AMD’s busy with its Phenom processors doesn’t mean the company’s gone slack with driver releases for its Radeon brand of graphics cards. Hence, AMD’s just brought out version 8.2 of its Catalyst software/driver bundle.

Hardware-wise, there are a bunch of fixes for CrossFire and HDMI. On the software side, AMD’s improved the functionality and usability of the OverDrive overclocking feature.

Under known issues, Lost Planet, Quake Wars, and STALKER all received attention, with a particularly nasty one for Unreal Tournament 3 and maximum texture settings. You can learn more about this particular revision by reading the rest of the release notes.

I’ve included links to the Vista 32-bit and Windows XP versions of the drivers below. If you need anything else, best to visit AMD’s ATI site.

ATI Catalyst 8.2 for Vista 32-bit
ATI Catalyst 8.2 for Windows XP
[via Blue’s News]


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