Game On Week 1 Ticket Winners & Start of Week 2

Game On Week 1 Ticket Winners & Start of Week 2
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It’s been a week and we’ve had loads of entries to our Game On ticket comp. Top props to the ACMI for supplying the goods. Now it’s time to pick out three winners to receive a free ticket to the exhibition. If you’d like to see who won, just hit the jump.

Don’t freak out if you submitted a story and it didn’t win. It’s automatically eligible for the second batch of three tickets.

If you haven’t sent in your tale of retro gaming woe/comedy/wrist-slashing depression, you have until this time next week to get something in. For all the relevant details, the original competition post is the place to go.

Winners after the jump!First up is Kristina, who included a picture of herself with Sir Beanie McCreepy. Sorry Kristina, the Laws of the Internet demand I post it. But first, her retro moment:

Last year at GDC I went to the Second Life party and met the creator of King’s Quest! I gushed cause he is a celebrity 😀 I also met a guy who tried to pick me up by pretending to be Peter Molyneux but that a story for another day…

And here’s the lady in question:

Kirk Smith is currently serving time for killing his brother:

Me and my bro had been playing Double Dragon, we were playing co-op, fighting our way, level after level, to rescue my characters girl, after reaching the final level that jerk turned on me, beat the crap out of me and took the girl for himself :'(

The last one is from Thomas Gribben, who had the unfortunate pleasure of playing Shaq-Fu:

I was playing Shaq-fu and my whole family was trying it defeat the end boss everybody tried and failed. So i had a go, I was about 4 years old so i bashed the controller and magically i beat him. Now my family calls me NES Masher or Nasher

Congratulations folks, I’ll be in touch shortly to collect your mailing details.

We’ll return next week with the second, and last, selection of winners. Until then, watch out for the reminders.

Week 1: Win Tickets To Melbourne’s Game On Exhibit [Kotaku AU]

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