SCAG Discusses R18+ Rating For Games. Yes, That’s Today

SCAG Discusses R18+ Rating For Games. Yes, That’s Today

r18_left.jpgMarch 28. It had to come round eventually.

The Standing Committee of Attorneys-General will once again deliberate the need for an R18+ rating for computer games. Unfortunately, it’s unlikely the AG for South Australia, Michael Atkinson, will change his opinion for the positive, despite his mostly nonsensical arguments. Seeing as all the AGs have to agree, hopes are low.


  • Looks like New Zealand and the UK are going to keep making Aussie dollars out of Atkinson’s myopic idiocy. Maybe one day they’ll let us be adults, but not until they find a new scapegoat.

    Meh. I’m pre-emptively flipping him off from here.

  • You know what? Bugger it. It’s only a matter of time before this change is introduced but as long as AG Atkinsons around it is not going to happen. I think I am going to try and not care until the eventual happens. This has been played out many times before in the past (fear mongering of forms of entertainment) with other media and the result has always been the same.

  • By the sounds of what i heard on Triple J today there was actually a bit of progress made. The ACT(?) AG was quoted as saying that the issue needed to come to some form of public consensus and that it was stupid to not have it and leave these games to the ‘black market’.

  • The issue is getting debated in mainstream media, so thats good.
    And on any of the mainstream websites that allows comments it is filled with people explaining how idiotic no R rating is, and how it *HELPS* minors in playing inappropriate games, such as GTA, which under a sane ratings system would be R18+, and thus more difficult to obtain via legal means.

    Perhaps the ACT government will attempt to be progressive and allow the sale of R18+ equivilent games in the same manner it allows X rated movies, or in another workaround like they are doing with same sex civil unions.

    In any case, as the old guard begins to retire/die and is replaced by the younger generation that has grown up with games, sanity will eventually prevail – it just might take another decade or so.

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