Intel GM965 X3100 Drivers Are Bugged, Cause Memory Corruption On Dells & Macbooks

Intel GM965 X3100 Drivers Are Bugged, Cause Memory Corruption On Dells & Macbooks

intel_logo.jpgAnd here I was thinking I was crazy. Back in November 2007 I made a post regarding memory errors I’d been seeing while using the latest version of Intel’s GM965 display drivers on my Dell M1330. I was able to correct the errors by reverting to an older driver.

Looks like I wasn’t the only one. Over at Intel’s software developer forum, user 7oby created a detailed thread describing the symptoms of the bug, and the driver versions it affected. The post includes a link to the release notes for the driver where the problem may have been introduced, though going over the list of changes, anything could be the cause.

The bug has also been identified by Blizzard’s tech support for World of Warcraft, where it was shown to crash the MMO on Macbooks.

Fortunately, the problem seems isolated to certain models of Dell and Macbook laptops running the GM965 chipset. Apparently Intel has a new driver with a fix in the pipeline, and will be releasing it shortly.


  • i to have had problems with the latest drivers and wow but i have a compaq preserio c751nr. the screen would flicker on and off and occasionally just stay blank. ive searched everywhere for a solution and the only solution was to use an older driver preferably from the manufacture website of your laptop . wich in my case is a go or no go situation. the older drivers let me play wow but at the same time it wont let me play bf2 .cannt wait till they release the newdrivers and hopefully it will solve this problem that i have had since i got the laptop

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