MGS4 Limited Edition Unboxed, Includes Sexy Solid Snake Figurine

mgs4_figurine.jpgMan, Solid Snake sure looks manly. You know, because he's a man's man! According to tipster Peter, who sent us this shot, it's the figurine from the European Metal Gear Solid 4 limited edition box. I'm no expert, but I'd say that's exactly what it looks like. Heck, he even comes with a cute little knife for chopping onions and bad guys.

You'll find a shot of the unboxed LE after the jump.

Update: Looks like the images are from Jeux France. Thanks Nathan.mgs4_le_unboxed.jpg


    lmao at least i have something to play with while it installs

    Oh my Freakin' Gawd! This is so awesome, I cannot wait until my copy arrives. less than two weeks~! XD

    how do i get it coming to aus...anywere to get it online!?!?!??!

    @Mr.Ferret: EB Games had the exclusive for the LE in Oz, though GAME was selling it as well. That was some time ago. You could try eBay...

    Damn i don't live anywhere remotely near an EB games... :( but is that the same LE? caus i know there is one with the soundtrack and now this one with the figure i dunno whats going on anymore lol!

    eBay Aus or UK would be my suggestions although it is very limited. NZ only got 250 units and they've already been presold. If you do manage to find them now they'll be fairly expensive, I think.

    ok 3rd try comments aint come up yet.

    I dont live anywere near an EB, and do both the US and EU Limited Editions get the figure caus this is the first ive heard of it, that one still comes with the soundtrack as well right?

    I sincerely hope that any classification labels are removable stickers.

    @Mr.Ferrett: Comments on Kotaku AU have to be approved before they appear. So from time to time, there will be a delay.

    snake is sexy as hell even old. i would so jump on that

    Um, that's not unboxed. Clearly, you see, the doll is still in the box...

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