Zafehouse V1.5: Now With Added Awesome

Update: Zafehouse now has its very own website,

Everyone remembers Zafehouse, don’t they? The free zombie survival horror simulator I coded in seven days? Well, turns out it was by far the most popular of the three titles that came out of the Game A Week feature, and there were plenty of people who submitted fixes and tweaks. I found myself with some spare time on the weekend, and decided to put together a version 1.5, incorporating the feedback I’d had on the game.

Originally, I just wanted to streamline encounters by removing the “next round” button and having things tick over automatically. But then I got another idea, and then another, and soon I found myself with a big list of changes, improvements and bug fixes.

I’ve included a complete rundown after the jump, but here’s a summary if you can’t wait:

* Buildings produce more resources, while raiding brings in less.
* Encounters streamlined, instant resolution button
* Zombie numbers increased.
* More shortcut keys.
* New scoring formula.
* New perk, and original perks improved.
* New building, the Church, which produces survivors.
* GUI improvements
* Numerous bug fixes (no more whipping from inside buildings)

Download and enjoy!

Download Zafehouse v1.5 binaries.
Download Zafehouse v1.5 VB .NET source code.

Zafehouse V1.5

-Major patch: Game more difficult, buildings are a lot more important, raiding made more reliable, encounters are faster, game is shorter, mass attack added to end-game, more shortcuts, score more consistent, House is now Church and produces survivors, new perk “Home advantage”.

-Encounters now tick their events automatically. Next round button changed to instant resolution button

-Fortification levels of buildings shown with #s on the building GUI

-Pressing “0” unloads ammo from weapon of selected survivor

-Pressing “Shift” quick equips – selects best weapon and gives it to selected survivor

-Pressing “Ctrl” quick removes weapon from selected survivor

-Changed raid chances (1-70, 71-90, 91-100) (70%, 20%, 10%). This should result in raiders getting what they want a lot more often

-Changed raid priorities (ammo & supplies, water & medicine) to provide better synergy

-Increased the amount of zombies encountered outside during the night by 50-100%

-Increased the amount of zombies encountered during a raid by 33%

-Chance to be attacked outside during the night changed from ZMI to fixed 45% chance

-ZombieMassMinimum variable added, increased minimum ZombieMass from 12 to 16

-Reduced number of hours from 72 to 60.

-New scoring formula:
50 per survivor, 100 per building, 2 per survivor hour, 1 per zombie killed
-25 per survivor killed, -35 per survivor turned, -5 per alive survivor infected
If a survivor is turned, they are removed from the survivor killed count
If the game is lost, all survivors still alive are added to survivors lost instead

-Added zombie mass attack during final hour. ZombieParty for outside attack determined by the number of buildings held. More buildings equals less zombies.

-Edited some descriptive text for Attacked_Outside and fixed a typo with the Attacked_Outside resolution text

-Most building resource counts have been increased, and in most cases doubled: Factory from 3 to 5 ammo, warehouse from 3 to 5 supplies and store from 2 to 4 water. Hospital remains at 2 med kits. This should make them more attractive to hold. Subsequently, resources from raiding have been reduced: Supplies from 12 to 8, ammo from 12 to 4, water from 10 to 4 and meds from 3 to 1.

-Added RaidBonus_x and BuildingBonus_x variables. All resource bonuses are controlled from Game.vb

-Raid weights changed: weapons > people, ammo = supplies, water > meds

-Starting resources reduced: Water from 22 to 16, supplies from 10 to 5

-Bite chance increased from 50 to 60 percent

-Grizzled perk bite chance reduction increased from 5 to 10%, Sharp Eye percent bonus increased from 1 to 2%

-Fixed a bug that would report infected survivors incorrectly during Win/Lose screen

-Survivors wielding weapons with no ammo now have the same chance to be bitten as a survivor with a melee weapon (50%)

-Added Special bonuses (disabled for now):
Secure all buildings – gain +1 production to water, ammo, supplies or meds at random

-Survivors gain perks at levels 8, 16 and 24, down from 9, 18 and 27.

-Player starts with one additional survivor, armed with a bat

-House renamed Church, attracts one survivor every other turn

-Help/main menu screen resized

-Added new level 3 perk: “Home advantage”. Reduces the number of zombies during a building attack by 1, stacks

-Added more descriptive barricade info during combat


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