Zafehouse V1.5: Now With Added Awesome

Update: Zafehouse now has its very own website,

Everyone remembers Zafehouse, don't they? The free zombie survival horror simulator I coded in seven days? Well, turns out it was by far the most popular of the three titles that came out of the Game A Week feature, and there were plenty of people who submitted fixes and tweaks. I found myself with some spare time on the weekend, and decided to put together a version 1.5, incorporating the feedback I'd had on the game.

Originally, I just wanted to streamline encounters by removing the "next round" button and having things tick over automatically. But then I got another idea, and then another, and soon I found myself with a big list of changes, improvements and bug fixes.

I've included a complete rundown after the jump, but here's a summary if you can't wait:

* Buildings produce more resources, while raiding brings in less. * Encounters streamlined, instant resolution button * Zombie numbers increased. * More shortcut keys. * New scoring formula. * New perk, and original perks improved. * New building, the Church, which produces survivors. * GUI improvements * Numerous bug fixes (no more whipping from inside buildings)

Download and enjoy!

Download Zafehouse v1.5 binaries. Download Zafehouse v1.5 VB .NET source code.

Zafehouse V1.5

-Major patch: Game more difficult, buildings are a lot more important, raiding made more reliable, encounters are faster, game is shorter, mass attack added to end-game, more shortcuts, score more consistent, House is now Church and produces survivors, new perk "Home advantage".

-Encounters now tick their events automatically. Next round button changed to instant resolution button

-Fortification levels of buildings shown with #s on the building GUI

-Pressing "0" unloads ammo from weapon of selected survivor

-Pressing "Shift" quick equips - selects best weapon and gives it to selected survivor

-Pressing "Ctrl" quick removes weapon from selected survivor

-Changed raid chances (1-70, 71-90, 91-100) (70%, 20%, 10%). This should result in raiders getting what they want a lot more often

-Changed raid priorities (ammo & supplies, water & medicine) to provide better synergy

-Increased the amount of zombies encountered outside during the night by 50-100%

-Increased the amount of zombies encountered during a raid by 33%

-Chance to be attacked outside during the night changed from ZMI to fixed 45% chance

-ZombieMassMinimum variable added, increased minimum ZombieMass from 12 to 16

-Reduced number of hours from 72 to 60.

-New scoring formula: 50 per survivor, 100 per building, 2 per survivor hour, 1 per zombie killed -25 per survivor killed, -35 per survivor turned, -5 per alive survivor infected If a survivor is turned, they are removed from the survivor killed count If the game is lost, all survivors still alive are added to survivors lost instead

-Added zombie mass attack during final hour. ZombieParty for outside attack determined by the number of buildings held. More buildings equals less zombies.

-Edited some descriptive text for Attacked_Outside and fixed a typo with the Attacked_Outside resolution text

-Most building resource counts have been increased, and in most cases doubled: Factory from 3 to 5 ammo, warehouse from 3 to 5 supplies and store from 2 to 4 water. Hospital remains at 2 med kits. This should make them more attractive to hold. Subsequently, resources from raiding have been reduced: Supplies from 12 to 8, ammo from 12 to 4, water from 10 to 4 and meds from 3 to 1.

-Added RaidBonus_x and BuildingBonus_x variables. All resource bonuses are controlled from Game.vb

-Raid weights changed: weapons > people, ammo = supplies, water > meds

-Starting resources reduced: Water from 22 to 16, supplies from 10 to 5

-Bite chance increased from 50 to 60 percent

-Grizzled perk bite chance reduction increased from 5 to 10%, Sharp Eye percent bonus increased from 1 to 2%

-Fixed a bug that would report infected survivors incorrectly during Win/Lose screen

-Survivors wielding weapons with no ammo now have the same chance to be bitten as a survivor with a melee weapon (50%)

-Added Special bonuses (disabled for now): Secure all buildings - gain +1 production to water, ammo, supplies or meds at random

-Survivors gain perks at levels 8, 16 and 24, down from 9, 18 and 27.

-Player starts with one additional survivor, armed with a bat

-House renamed Church, attracts one survivor every other turn

-Help/main menu screen resized

-Added new level 3 perk: "Home advantage". Reduces the number of zombies during a building attack by 1, stacks

-Added more descriptive barricade info during combat


    You made a zombie game? Logan, you're my new hero! I'm gonna d/l this sucker tonight. Sweet!


    Hey Logan,
    I really loved this game. So does my girlfriend who is now completely addicted and was previously only a match-three or find the hidden crap game player. If you do a 1.6 have you though about hosting an online high score board on this site.

    Aww, still no unlimited mode? I wanna see how long these guys can hold without rescue! It would add to the atmosphere and fun and competitiveness of the whole thing.

    Still, this freaking awesome game has just gotten freaking awesomer.

    I'd love to be able to name the survivors, and edit the list the names come from. ;)

    I took the source code and did a very disgusting hack on it so it displayed the names of the people I wanted - forumites on a small gaming forum. I liveblogged a game this afternoon, with everyone watching as it developed. Alas, we lost - it was my second game! - but if you're interested, the log is long and interesting, and we reach the 53rd hour.


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