Blizzcon 2008 on Australian Pay-Per-View

MAINEVENTBLIZZCON.jpgBlizzcon 2008 is set to have 16 hours of coverage over two days on Main Event Pay-Per-View, available via Foxtel, Austar, or Optus. 'Blizzcon 2008 Live' will run 4am to 1pm on October 11-12, with repeat screening from 3pm to 12am both days. (That's 9 hours each day, not 8. Must have a break somewhere.) Interviews, presentations, tournaments, and panels galore. Price will be $14.95 per day, which puts the total at about the same as any typical PPV for the whole two days.

At first look, it seemed like we'd also be getting access to a special treat in the form of the BlizzCon 2008 World of Warcraft in-game polar bear mount (with mounted, flag-waving murloc), but that has since disappeared from the Main Event description, so it seems that was an overzealous cut and paste from the DirecTV version of the broadcast.

More details after the jump. [Thanks to Aaron for the hot tip!]

Through a partnership with FOXTEL's MAINEVENT, BlizzCon 2008 will be televised live for the first time ever in Australia, letting gamers watch BlizzCon who are unable to attend the convention. The pay per view event will deliver a minimum of eight hours of coverage from the show floor on each day of BlizzCon, including the opening ceremony, main stage presentations, exclusive interviews, demos, tournament coverage, and more.

MAINEVENT Package Includes:

* Over 8 hours of live coverage (16 hours in total if both days are purchased)

* Exclusive interviews and commentary

* Main stage presentations including opening ceremony

* Select panels featuring Blizzard Entertainment developers

* Tournament coverage and team highlights

MAIN EVENT - BLIZZCON 2008 LIVE - DAY 1 [Main Event] MAIN EVENT - BLIZZCON 2008 LIVE - DAY 2 [Main Event]


    does anyone have a listing of what is happening on each day? i don't want to pay for both only to find all the starcraft 2 stuff is on day one.

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