In Case Of Emergency, Design Star Power T-Shirt

star_shirt.jpgReader James Lillis recently sent in this Mario-themed T-shirt design. He didn't mention where one might acquire it (or indeed, if it's on sale at all), so we'll just have to please ourselves with a simple look-see.

My only problem? If there is an emergency, and I'm hanging around in this shirt, someone will undoubtedly take the opportunity to punch me in the chest - as hard as they can - in a vain attempt to access star-powered goodness. I don't know if I want to give people a reason to punch me any more than they already do.


    Just be glad that that's not a pair of boxers...

    I would like to Know Where you can get this T-Shirt...I wouldn't mind wearing it

    Ha! I did laugh at the idea of someone coming up and punching you for temporary invincibility. A problem I had not originally envisaged...!

    And naughty me for failing to link. All the tees are here:


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