Sony Updates PSN Terms, Can Exploit Your LittleBigPlanet Content

Seems the Ts & Cs for Playstation Network have been updated recently to include reference to User Generated Content, no doubt just in time for the launch of LittleBigPlanet. According to Dean over at I Have The Princess, there is a clause that claims Sony and affiliated companies may license, sell, "or otherwise exploit" your user material with no payment to you.

They clearly needed to give themselves some leeway to redistribute content created by users, and for most players the prestige of a highly rated LBP creation will be enough. But what about if that made it onto an expansion disc at retail with no kickback for the creator?

Clearly many will be annoyed that there isn't much to suggest they are recognising user copyright at this stage. As news spreads I'm sure a clarification will have to come from up on high, as previous suggestions have pointed to LBP players being able to set prices for their creations. Nice pick up by Dean at IHTP.

LittleBigRipoff? Sony can sell your user content [I Have The Princess]


    Sony is the new Microsoft :P

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