And the Winners of Our Gears 2 Comp Are...

A ton of you entered, but alas there could only be one five winners. Congratulations, and probably more than a few dark thoughts from readers, go out to:

  • Zaheen;

    An agent orange dispenser and nicotine coated bullets so they'll have to come back for more.

  • Travis:

    I would combine He-Man's Sword of Power with Tom Selleck's moustache to forge the manliest weapon of all time.

  • Hamish:

    Grenades tied to a REALLY long stick! Experience the joys of literally poking your enemies to death! ... Also available for children's parties. !!!ORDER NOW!!!

  • Marcus:

    A tractor beam and the noble, ancient pointy stick. Nothing is as terrifying as being pulled towards your own sharp and splintery demise.

  • Rory:

    Whippersnipper + water pistol. Sure, the lancer can trim your trees, but you need the whippersplasher for your lawn and garden. Nothing beats a lush yard.

    So again, congrats, guys. And props to anyone else who tried, but failed miserably missed out.

    [Gears Of War 2 on Kotaku]


    booo hisss
    marshmallow flamethrowers FTW!
    it's the happy napalm!

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