Your Favourite Moments From 2008: #6

Your Favourite Moments From 2008: #6

far cry 2 screen.jpg

We’re still on the lookout for your gaming anecdotes from this year. We want to know which one gameplay moment best summed up 2008 for you. Simply pop it in an email and – if it isn’t offensive, illiterate or just plain terrible – we post it up here! Just like Rhett and his Far Cry 2 multiplayer epiphany…

Easily my favourite gaming moment came while playing a Team Deathmatch of Far Cry 2 (I think it was the map ‘Rusty Beef’) and a team-mate jumped into a nearby vehicle at the start off the round, obviously intent on taking the fight to the opposition. Not thirty seconds later, an almighty boom was ehard, and that unfortunate players name appeared on the screen with the symbol indicating death by explosion next to their handle.

At this point, I was standing on top of a nearby building, keeping a look-out for approaching enemies, when a smoking hubcap fell from the sky, roughly 2 in-game metres from where I was standing. I paused for a second, enough time to soak in the physics of that (the single player campaign had demonstrated the fire and explosion engine fairly well previously), switched my mike off and laughed. It was kind of fitting: my late team-mate was as hot-headed as the hubcap that almost cleaned me up!

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