R18+ Debate: Atkinson Delays Discussion Paper Again

R18+ Debate: Atkinson Delays Discussion Paper Again
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Why is this man still smiling? Is it because he enjoys frustrating the millions of gamers around the country? It’s the only explanation we can think of as, once again, SA Attorney-General Michael Atkinson has thrown a spanner in the works of proposed changes to our videogame classification system.


  • This guy is the biggest troll I’ve ever come across. But he wont be in office forever. Even if he does stop the rating, he’ll be replaced reasonably soon by someone with brains.

  • Hey guys can you change that photo, his smug smile makes me want to punch him in the nose (I saw the movie kick boxer that’s were i got the idea to be violent). Maybe i would hate him less if you guys changed it. Could you change it pretty please?

  • I could respect him for stating his opinion and sticking to his guns, even if I greatly disagreed with him.
    But this is just ridiculous, and completely unprofessional conduct, that someone in his position should not be able to get away with. Resorting to such unethical tactics to enforce your own personal opinion (because it certainly doesn’t appear to be anyone else’s opinion) upon the public should result in Atkinson being barred from politics all together.

  • Yea, what a joke. As a games retailer, I would love to see these games inmy store, offer the pople a real choice, not one determined by narrow minded dudes like this. But even more important, I am a gamer myself and want to play these games at home, but that right has been taken out of my hands. Democracy in action.

  • Dammit, dammit, dammit, ect

    He seems to believe an R18+ rating will unleash this flood of ultra violent/adult themed games.

    No, it won’t. Most other countries already have an adult rating and the addition of it here will simply bring us in line and give our ratings system a better level of control.

    I seem to be under the impression that he believes that every parent in Australia has no idea how to do their job. If a parent lets their kid play an R18+ game, then it’s not the system that had failed, it’s the parent.

  • What does it take to depose an Attorney General? As he obviously doesn’t represent the views of the public in South Australia.

  • As a games journalist who lives in Adelaide, I would love to sit down with Mr Atkinson and discuss, in great detail, the exact nature of his stupidity and ignorance.

  • What does it matter? When the paper is finally made public people will say the same thing that we’ve been saying all along and Michael Atkinson will continue to ignore us and abuse his power to force his opinion on us.

    I, like other adults who like thinking for themselves, will continue to import games that are refused classification if I want them.

  • I think instead of flogging a dead horse and going after this Friday Fwit, there should be a call to change the legislation in regards to the Attorneys General having to agree unanimously to introduce the rating. I think 5/7 votes should be the maximum required, it’s over half and means that one single retard like this one can’t hold up the entire nation like he has.

  • Someone needs to just leak this thing. I’ve little doubt that he either won’t release it because it goes against his singular opinion, or he won’t release it because it is so heavily biased towards his position that even he realises that it will make his position sound barking mad.

    In either case, a great way to ensure he gets his way – the way of no change or reform – is just to delay any process, forever.

    This is not Democracy.

  • Calm down stuff like this always takes months to go through. He can only hold of so long before public pressure forces him to go public. In a recent stateline interview he stated he was willing to reason as to why the introduction of an R18+ would be beneficial. So I have compiled a report on why Australia needs an R18+ for games and sent it to him. I encourage all of you to do the same.

  • Does this guy have a pre-determined Term of Service or something? Or does he get to ruin everything for everyone until he retires?

    You sir, are useless. Useless!

  • Sorry, forget to ask the obvious question:

    Can they release it WITHOUT him?

    I mean seriously, everyone I know who makes a living working for someone else, has some kind of predetermined amount of time to get their job done. In my workplace they’re called SLA’s. You know, turnaround times.

    Techinically, as this guy works for the government (right?), he works for us. Couldn’t this possibly be outside his SLA/Turnaround time. If so, can we please fire him? =D

  • This is the kind of impish, indignant child like behaviour one would have associated with a certain U.S. lawyer. We can only hope that a similar fate awaits this buffoon. It is really backward thinking when you deny an adults only rating to the industry in some vain hope of protecting the youth, only to put adults only games in the hands of 15 year olds. Advance Australia fair…

  • Jon Doe, I assume you’ve only tuned into this debate recently; civil methods are not effective against this man. He has said numerous times that he’ll take any information on board regarding positive/negative of 18+ for games, I guess saying things like that make him sound unbias.

  • If one man can censor even discussion of the issue, there is something well and truly wrong with the system. Seriously, what gives this dickhead the right to CENSOR DISCUSSION of the issue? This is bullshit. The situation couldn’t be any more disrespectful to the fundamentals of democracy. It’s time the Governor General stepped in and gave Atkinson the boot because this is a blatant case of abuse of power. Especially when he has openly admitted that his position is based on his OWN PERSONAL VIEWS and not that of the people he supposedly represents.

    It’s not just about video games anymore or an R rating. This guy needs to be dismissed from his position because he CANNOT be reasoned with. No matter how much evidence is presented to him invalidating his fallacious arguments he stubbornly continues perpetuate his rubbish. On top of this, him and Mike Rann have turned South Australia into a police state and absolutely fucked the local economy right up the corn hole. Thank CHRIST I don’t live in his state.

  • …..DOUCHE!!!!

    Sorry. I’d Hulk out and trash SA if it helped, but without some serious funding into gamma radiation research, that’s the best I can do for now.

  • The nice thing about Australian law is that even with self-righteous, self-motivated delusionists in power like certain Attourney-Generals, we are still permitted to read these papers with this little thing called the *freedom of information act.*

    If you really want to read it, you can get it by writing to the appropriate department, citing the act, and the reasons for your interest. Unless it’s of danger to national security, they have absolutely no grounds to keep it from you, and will provide it on request.

    Atkinson’s refusal to release his own comments on this paper does nothing more than stonewall general access, but it will not stop private inquiry.

  • I agree with the general gist here – this is ridiculously undemocratic. One man having the power to prevent the progression of legislation? Unanymity is a wondrous thing, but also very rare. Luckily most of our system doesn’t operate this way…
    Anyone versed in laws of our nation please come forward and let us know if there is some way we can extract/extradite/exile this self-righteous fool of a man.

  • Have you ever seen one of these papers?

    They are fucking MAMOTH. They are like full textbooks.

    Would you want to write that shit? Give the man a break.

  • To: k69

    You’re an idiot. Atkinson has flat out said he’s rejecting the R rating for video games and when they first announced this paper he refused to particpate, effectively censoring the conversation of censorship.

    This man doesn’t deserve a break. He’s an undemocratic . He’s Jack Thompson with power.

  • This man has stated that his own children played adult games and that he disliked the impact of them playing such games.

    What I read from that is that he resents these games because he feels he’s failed as a parent. So he chooses to use his position of power to curtail any further failings of him as a parental figure.

    Rather than admit his own failings, instead he projects these failings onto the wider community. That way he can claim he is fighting for the good of the community.

    Everyone else sees him for what he is though. A sad, sad man.

  • The only way to get rid of this douchebag is for there to be a concerted effort to oust him from his seat @ the next state election. Gamers can unite to raise awareness of his stance & lobby folk to send the SA govt a message by ensuring he loses his seat @ the next election.

  • After many years of painstaking research, carried out in secret by the Ponds Instiute, it has been discovered that there is one group of Australians who are almost soley responsible for children being exposed to all manner of evils.

    This group makes no attempt to hide their sickening practices, infact quite the opposite. It is almost impossible to open a book or a magazine these days without being confronted by gut wrenchingly vivid descriptions of these acts. You can see it in films and television, you can even hear people singing loudly & proudly about it in all manner of ‘music’.

    Even in countries which have censorship & punishment regimes, the likes of which Michael Atkinson can only dream of, innocent children are still growing up to take on these behaviours themselves, completing the circle of abuse.

    Clearly, censorship does not work. The most effective way to put an end to the heterosexual practice of procreation, is forced sterilisation. Putting a stop to procreation would prevent the birth of hundreds of thousands of innocent children every year, and their inevitable exposure to all manner of horrors and abuse.

    The practice of procreation is now so widespread, that even the once innocent homosexual men and women of Australia are attempting to emulate this predominantly hetrosexual behavior. Though, as the Ponds Instituse has pointed out, we can put a stop to this by simply banning the importation or sale of blindfolds and turkey basters to homosexuals.

    So why is it, that when the root of the problem is so apparent, Michael Atkinson has failed to take any action against the moral degenerates who partake in this practice?

    Once again we have the Ponds Institue to thank for uncovering this dark secret. Michael Atkinson himself, is infact, a practicing heterosexual. There is now overwhelming evidence to demonstrate that he too has taken part in the act procreation for his own selfish sexual gratification. In fairness though, it must be pointed out that there is no evedince whatsoever to suggest that his wife received any such gratification from the act.

    It is an undeniable fact, that had decisive action been taken several decades ago, to enact a policy of forced sterilisation of hetrosexuals, we as a country would not now be dealing with the consequences of Michael Atkinson’s birth. We could focus our attention on the far greater menace of roving gangs of geriatric motorcycle riders who strike terror into the hearts of tens of South Australians every year.

    In addition, consenting adults would now be free to play the videogames of their choice in the privacy of their own homes, whithout fear of turning children into adults like… well, like Michael Atkinson.

  • All you people are bemoaning Atkinson’s narrow-mindedness but I bet half of you nim-rods will still vote for bloody Mike Rann’s labor Govt come the next election in March 2010! The recent polls show that they will be retured in a landslide, which of course means that we will have another 3 years (at least) of this mindless censorship control.

  • Ok people, we can confirm that Jack Thompson has arrived in this country… Please, stop him smiling! That annoying little smirk is the thing that makes this guy worse than thompson. It says ‘That’s my opinion and you can’t do anything about it or state your own’
    And, yes, he’s abusing the system.

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