R18+ Rating Is A Risk To Australian Children, Says Minister

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South Australian Attorney-General Michael Atkinson has outlined his reasons for opposing the introduction of an R18+ rating to Australia's videogame classification system. In a statement delivered to Gamespot, Atkinson writes:
"I don't support the introduction of an R18+ rating for electronic games, chiefly because it will greatly increase the risk of children and vulnerable adults being exposed to damaging images and messages."


    yet we can have dvds, movies, books, tv shows and everything else r18, but not video games?

    the video games are the least real out of all of them!

      that is a nonsence statement. no they are not.
      i think some kind of higher rating above MA 15 is needed whether its the same as for movies or not .
      i think movies need a new system of ratings they are outdated as well.
      G , PG maybe a PG 13 or 12+.. so many games are rated M and they should be PG.
      alotta games are overclassified M. they are just -playing it safe.
      such as The Sims. whats so damn M rated about that game?

    No way . i dont think just because you intro a R 18 then u should just jack up the MA 15 games to R 18. the games that are banned should unbanned. or we shouldn't bother at all.

    and kids aren't really menat to have access to MA 15 games either. they cant go in to buy them. they have to 15 or be accompanied and i think alotta 15 yr olds can handle alot of stuff

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