Silent Hill: Homecoming Unbanned In Australia?

Silent Hill: Homecoming Unbanned In Australia?


Fallout 3 got banned, then unbanned. F.E.A.R. 2 got banned, then unbanned. And now it appears Silent Hill: Homecoming just got unbanned, having been banned back in September.


  • Too late, got & beat on PS3 ages ago. Though I wouldn’t mind it on 360 for the achievements, hmm…

    Oh, and if they edited out the drill scene, forgetaboutit. One of the best QTEs in a game ever.

  • Not to defend a ‘spoiler’, but speculation about a particular drill scene being one of the culprits for a RC isn’t really new news.

  • @Jason- not a spoiler. Every news story about the game being banned mentioned it. But I’m sorry I ruined the scene of Adrian doing nude home repairs for you.

  • I don’t think any edits of blood is going to make this game any more or less I should say freaky for kids. THIS IS NOT A GAME FOR KIDS!!! It was never the blood, the atmos, the radio crackling, the sound effects, that’s what is scary so if a kid played the edited or unedited it would leave them crapping their dacks!

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