Always Wanted A Life-Size Space Marine?

Always Wanted A Life-Size Space Marine?

dawn of war 2 space marine figure.jpg

Of course you have. I mean, who hasn’t? Our friends over at Atomic are about to make one Aussie Warhammer fan’s wildest fantasies come true. They’re giving away an eight-foot tall Space Marine. Yes, you heard right, EIGHT FOOT TALL. What would you do with it? Where would you keep it? My mind is boggling.

Dawn of War 2: Win your own Space Marine! [Atomic]


  • If I win this. I shall then proceed to purchase more 8 foot tall space marines until I have enough to play a full scale warhammer game.

  • If I win this, i’ll build a real Space Marine armor for “normal human”-size.
    The next themeparty comes =)

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