Sega Australia Reveals New Virtual-On Release

Sega Australia Reveals New Virtual-On Release


Sega Australia has just had Virtual-On: Oratorio Tangram rated by the Classification Board. It received a PG and is listed as a “multi-platform” release. The frantic mech fighting game was originally released into arcades and the Dreamcast ten years ago, so what’s going on now?

The keen-eyed VOOKS picked up on this last night and speculates that Sega may be readying a Wii, XBLA or PSN re-release for the cult classic. Earlier this year, Sega re-registered the trademarks for several Dreamcast titles, including ChuChu Rocket, Sonic Shuffle, Cosmic Smash, Jet Grind Radio and – yep! – Virtual-On Oratorio Tangram. My hunch is XBLA/PSN ports – or perhaps reinventions in the vein of Bionic Commando – after the poor sales performance of the Wii NiGHTS sequel. What would you like to see Sega do with these old games?

And if you have no idea what Virtual-On is, here’s some random clip of it off Youtube.

Virtual-On to return, Prope’s WiiWare title rated by the ACB [VOOKS]


  • Man I would love to play some fast mecha game again, nothing has ever quite matched Virtua On. It’ll be great to finally play it with a dual stick controller too, that was the problem with the DC version, it looked perfect but the controls were horrible.


    Could you PLEASE take that damn refresh out of your pages?! I was halfway through the video when the bloody page reloaded itself. There’s NO reason to forcibly reload the page!

  • I can’t see this turning up on Wii without them significantly overhauling the control scheme. XBLA seems the most likely, since it’s already had several Dreamcast ports which seems to indicate there may be some commonality in the hardware that makes it easier to do.

    Virtual-On XBLA with net play over Xbox Live would be absolutely awesome. And unlike the Dreamcast controller, we now have two sticks as standard on the PS3 and 360 controllers, so the controls would actually work properly.

  • FINALLY some Virtual On that I don’t have to hunt down in an ancient arcade to play. Arena based mech battles are some of the most entertaining and challenging fights I’ve ever played in a game and Virtual On’s speed makes it superior in my mind to games like Armored Core and Gundamn Musou. Also I agree with Quxxy, the page refresh is annoying as hell when you’re typing out something of decent size and the refresh KILLS it all.

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