Classification Board Website Hacked

Classification Board Website Hacked

The website of Australia’s Classification Board has been hacked. Visitors to the site overnight were greeted with the above message.

The message is a clear protest against recent classification controversies, notably the Federal Government proposed mandatory internet filter and perhaps also the ongoing debate around an R18+ rating for video games.

A spokesperson for the Classification Board told the ABC that “the body was aware of the incident, and was investigating. She said the investigation would look into who was responsible, and how much of the board’s website was affected.”

The website is currently down and throws into doubt this site’s ability to post its regular Censor Watch on Monday. Damn you, hackers!

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‘Control yr freedomz’: Classification Board site defaced
[ABC News, thanks to Owen H and everyone else who sent this in]


  • Good on them… It’s ridiculous what’s going on with the board right now, though this probably in the end won’t make anything better, and some even more determined and set in their ways.

  • Would it have been to much to ask for the hacked message to not look like it was written by a fourteen year-old? An intelligent message might have at least made some impact, but this is just immature, not to mention misdirected. The Classification Board doesn’t make the rules, they just work within them. I’m quite embarrassed, as part of the Australian gaming community, to be indirectly represented by this attack.

  • Its quality drops off near the end but still i think its appropriate, it does the job of mocking them in their own alarmist tone.

  • Since it coincided with the internet censorship Q&A thing on tv, I’m willing to believe that it’s more about that than anything to do with games.

  • We were talking about this at work this morning and one of my colleagues said:

    “I’d rather they checked that lolcat garbage at the door and actually replaced the text with a reasoned argument like, or along the lines of, catweazle’s letter at Kotaku. That way the newspaper attention might have brought the issue further forward in public discourse.

    This just makes people involved in the games ratings argument look like dickheads, and who wants to listen to a dickhead?”

    Damn straight.

  • It’s kinda funny, but I don’t think it’s going to help the situation at all. If anything it will probably do the exact opposite.

  • A much better approach would have been to put something highly obscene up there and then report the site to ACMA so it could be blacklisted.

  • Completely unhelpful. This just proves people like Atkinson right, that we’re all immature morons who probably need to be kept away from R-rated material because it’ll send us off the deep end.

  • @ Old_Skool
    “People should not be afraid of their governments. Governments should be afraid of their people.” – V

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