Killzone 2 Comp: The Runners-Up, Part Five

We've hit the top three entries in our Killzone 2 competition. This hilarious clip is from Andrew B. Full marks for ingenuity and comedy. Excellent work, Andrew!


    pretty sure that's hilarious

    I was going to buy a copy of killzone 2, but then I remembered I spent all my cash on uni books


    *shakes fist*

    Guys, 5 separate stories of runners up? I know you want to push a new story every hour, but seriously?

    What I find amazing here, is that this is exactly what my entry was going to be. And don't think that I didn't begin an entry, I made the box that was the set, painted it, and stopped there. I did have a different scene from Killzone 1 though. Freaky deaky!

    I actually had a few ideas before going with this, at first I wanted to do some art, then I thought about doing something with action figures, but then I went with this.

    Incase anyone wants to know I was trying to recreate parts of the trailer shown at E3 2005.

    I really wanted to do something that was different from the rest.

    This was just apparently not different enough :(

    yay for 3rd place

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